We are an awesome accelerated girl band that sings about a variety of things such as Zombies, Spaceships, Dinosaurs, and much more! We are driving and we have a good time!


DinoFight! Started in January of 2008, and has been apart of several performances from the Saint Louis Area, Illinois, as well as performances at Columbia Missouri. DinoFight! is a three piece girl band that plays driving punk and surf riffs over pop singing. DinoFight! sings about things such as Zombies, Werewolves, Spaceships, and several other out there topics which make these girls rock super hard. Many have compared DinoFight! to bands such as Sleater-Kinny, or Pat Benatar with an edge. Some of the members influences include: The Living End, The B52's, The Sweat, Adam and the Ants, The Buzzcocks, Cursif, Dr. Manhattan, Foxy Shazam and many more.

When these girls decided to start playing they knew that they would bring something different to the genre that most other bands couldn't dare to attempt, and that is awesomeness! When you see DinoFight! play you know that they are having a great time doing it, and the audience cannot help but have a great time too!

Check out several tracks at www.myspace.com/dinofightstl


DinoFight! has two CD's, their E.P: Extreme Predators, and a Live CD recorded at Off Broadway in downtown Saint Louis, called "DinoFight! Live at Off Broadway.
DinoFight! is in the process of recording and their full length album will be released July 2009.

Set List

Typical DinoFight set:
David Kesslers Revenge
When Robots Come Alive
Blood and Guts
Monster Song
Independence Day Part II
Shoot Em In the Head

DinoFight! usually performs two covers: Ballroom Blitz by The Sweat, and Helter Skelter by The Beatles.

Sets run between 35-45 minutes in length.