I am the only member on my band. I'm a guitarrist and a singer/songwriter that plays music that means something to me. I'm passionate and intense on my performances; going from the romantic boleros, to the fierce huapangos, from upbeat tropical to the passion of flamenco. I love all kinds of music.


My influences are my Latin roots. Latinamerican music is very wide and rich on rythms and emotions. My singing career started along with my learning of guitar, at age of nine. I performed professionally at age of 14, and I haven't done anything else in my life but music. I was the lead singer for several bands in Mexico, then I moved to the US, and joined a Female Mariachi Band. I moved on a year later and formed my own fem. Mariachi Band, and performed at The "Chicano Alma Awards", as well as the "Mariachi USA Hollywood Bowl" for three years, and for many Mariachi Festivals around the country. I grew up as a guitarrist, and when I moved to another state, I worked on my guitar skills hard to become a soloist. I have played by my own and had steady gigs (five days a week) on Restaurants and private parties for over eight years. I was a lead singer for a Mowtown, R&B and oldies American Band for four years, palying also percussions. I am an biligual singer. I performed with Flamenco, rock bands and other Mariachi bands for events for four years. I keep writing songs and performing with bands that call me from other states (seasonal gigs) and for private gigs. I love the variety of music, and being able to do it right.


My first CD "Querido Huapango" is a compilation of some of the most influential huapangos in the history of this kind of Mexican music. Recorded in Mexico City, with the Mariachi "Arriba Juarez" on 2003.
My second CD, recorded in Denver, CO. in 2006, is a blend of boleros, old traditional "rancheras" and flamenco songs. Two of the songs are my own; a flamenco song "Ojos de Amor" that gives the title to the CD, and "Ramses", the only "son huasteco"; a song that I wrote to my son Ramses. I procuced this one, and made the arraingments, played the rythm guitar and the percussion. This is a very accoustic, romantic and not too elaborated production.

Set List

I play sets of 45 min. per 15min of a break. (The first set is always 60 min.) My songs are about 3 minutes long, and I play between twelve and fifteen songs per set.
Here is an example of one of my sets:

Serenata huasteca
Mexico Lindo y Querido
Besame mucho
Spanish eyes
No renunciare
La Malaguena
La Bamba
La Llorona
Ojos de Amor
I will lways love you
Los Panchos (Medley)
La Flor de la Canela
Killing me softly
Ay Jalisco! no te rajes