Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Complex and catchy with a melancholic streak, Dinosaur Bones bring moody, melodic, guitar-driven indie rock that's familiar while remaining progressive and distinct.


While you'd be hard-pressed to get them to admit it, Dinosaur Bones have inadvertently become the poster boys for abandoning education in the name of rock n' roll. In 2008, after months of prioritizing writing melodic indie rock songs over Hemingway essays, vocalist/guitarist Ben Fox finally packed up his guitars, leaving behind his undergrad and Montreal apartment for his hometown of Toronto. He immediately began assembling a mosaic of former bandmates and friends-of-friends to give life to the skeleton of songs captured on his shifty 4-track recorder: Branko Scekic (bass), Dave Wickland (keys), Lucas Fredette (drums) and Joel Clifton (guitar). Raw as they were, the outside input from these fresh minds quickly turned his unpolished tunes into broody pop gems, dripping with haunting synth layers and a throbbing rhythm section.

In less than two years Fox and the fellow Bones have been efficient in inflicting enough damage on the Canadian indie music community to justify their namesake. After releasing a self-titled, 4-song demo EP in late 2008, the band has hit the stage with Handsome Furs, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Born Ruffians, Arkells, Malajube, Hollerado, and Sebastian Grainger, received praise from both college and commercial radio, and been personally invited to play some of the country's largest festivals. They've also outgrown many of the venues in their hometown, packing the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, among others, wall-to-wall with hundreds of rabid fans, often storming the stage for sing-alongs induced by their anthemic blend of hook-laden melancholy and broody charisma.

In late 2009, Dinosaur Bones entered the studio with producer Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club, the Arkells) to lay down the foundation for their long-anticipated debut LP. Until then, anxious fans can take solace in a 7-inch, being released February 2nd 2010 - consider it a preview of what is to come.



Written By: Ben Fox

In your eyes I saw pain
Even after I had tried to pull you out of the rain
You said "You don't have to go
You could stay right here
Spend your time whispering secrets in my ear"

The bourgeoisie's got me playing for free
Got me making them tea in the afternoon
But you know me
I'd be playing for free
If there were royalty in the room
I cant see why you're following me
I'll be outside howling at the moon
I'll be outside howling at the moon

I was standing on my own
You kept insisting I leave you alone
'Cos you were in tears
Swallowed by fears
That I'm never coming home

I said "You could come along
You could come with me
See how the fish steal diamonds from the sea"

"Ice Hotels"

Written By: Ben Fox

The day the sky cracked in half
We didn't flinch, we knew it was coming
The old man with the big brown dog
He sat serene, he'd heard the warning

A toast to the newlywed petrified bride
White-knuckle grip and toes that keep tapping
Silently praying for a change in the tide
To dry this place up and keep her from drowning

Stay up all night in ice hotels
Frostbite grip leaves a story to tell
Love got lost in that ice hotel under bearskin rugs

The end is all on which we can depend
Twisted stomachs over things we don't care for
It still burns to know that they're gone
The hot-blooded nights you know you'll still pine for


- "Dinosaur Bones" EP (May 2008)
- "Royalty/Ice Hotels" 7-inch (Feb 2010)
- Full Length LP (Produced by Jon Drew) (late 2010)

Set List

Life in Trees
Bombs in the Night
Making Light
Ice Hotels
Highwire Act
My Divider
Point of Pride
Sharks in the Sand