Dinosaur Feathers

Dinosaur Feathers

 New York, New York, USA

Tropical indie pop bolstered by lush harmonies, eccentric electronics, and organic instruments, Dinosaur Feathers strive to soundtrack Rudie Huxtable's dreams, were she to listen to Animal Collective and watch the Lion King.


There once was a suitcase, and inside that suitcase was a treasure trove of sounds. Mutually drawn to these sounds, as moths to light, the members of Dinosaur Feathers decided to harness the power of the suitcase, and use it for good. The music that followed was at once familiar and bizarre, like the streets where they grew up, but in a parallel universe. Melding old-time harmonies, rhythms salvaged from the billowy depths of Davey Jones’ locker, and a thirst for adventure, Dinosaur Feathers does not make music that asks why; but rather, why not?

Their influences come from home in Brooklyn and across the globe, as they channel artists like the Ruby Suns, Os Mutantes, the Beach Boys, and el Guincho. With songwriter Greg Sullo having spent significant time in Mali, many West African influences have crept in as well.

There are many wonderful bands in Brooklyn, but few make music quite like Dinosaur Feathers. Not lo-fi. Not folk. Not experimental. Not quite pop. But there are elements of all these in their music, which has given them the opportunity to play with a diverse set of musicians in a short period of time, including Drink Up Buttercup, Pterodactyl, Julianna Barwick, Surfer Blood, Javelin, Holiday Shores, Small Black, the Drums, Bear in Heaven, Darlings and pow wow!


EP, Fireworks Factory, prepared to be self-released in September, 2010

LP, Fantasy Memorial, self-released in March, 2010

EP, Early Morning Risers, self-released in August, 2009. Available as a free download on www.dinosaurfeathers.com.

Single/b-side released on Family Records in April, 2009.

Set List

Our typical set list is 6-8 songs, as our songs are about 4-5 minutes long and we usually get 30-45 minutes to play.