Dinsmore formed in 2010 out of Mississauga, Ontario. The four members came together by chance from different parts of the province, each with vastly different musical backgrounds. The band's new EP 'Simple Things' blends tension and energy in an honest and eclectic folk-rock self-portrait.


Dinsmore came together in early 2010 out of Mississauga, Ontario. By May, the quartet had released their first demo entitled 'The Only Thing To Do'. By the fall of the same year, talk of a new EP had begun.

'Simple Things', the debut EP from Dinsmore was engineered and produced by Nickelback and Matt Good producer Dale Penner at Paradise Alley Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dinsmore utilized their tried and tested experience from their demo and came out with the perfect picture of their day to day life. The album features the band's first single 'Simple Things' and is available in February 2011.


The Only Thing To Do (Demo - June 2010)
Simple Things (EP - February 2011)

Set List

Dinsmore varies their set based on the audience and the time allotted to play. Please advance with management after confirming a show.