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Diogo Nogueira

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | MAJOR

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | MAJOR
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"Diogo Nogueira’s London debut"

October 20, 2010

For all the samba lovers out there, November brings good news with Diogo Nogueira’s first ever London concert.

The Brazilian singer, son of celebrated artist João Nogueira, grew up listening to samba and going to concerts, and has become one of the most promising sambistas (samba musicians) of his generation.

With songs that range from samba de raiz to slower choro tunes, Diogo appeals to different age groups and has been gathering fans all over. He also writes sambas-enredo (carnival theme-songs) for his much-loved samba school Portela and in 2009, the singer was crowned four-times champion for his composition, having received top marks from the judges for his songs in both 2007 and 2008 parades.

This year, he also won the ‘Best MPB album’ award from MTV Brasil, for ‘Tô fazendo a minha parte’. In November, Diogo is running for ‘Best samba album’ at the Latin Grammys. And to think that his life could have been completely different, as his initial aspiration was to be a footballer, having even played for small teams. But a knee injury took him away from the fields and permanently onto the stages. Lucky for the audiences, who get to enjoy Diogo’s songs.

The tracklist for the performance at Guanabara will include samba classics as well as the repertoire from both his albums ‘Diogo Nogueira Ao Vivo’ from 2007 and ‘Tô fazendo a minha parte’, released last year, in which he presented original song composed by himself and also by MPB distinguished artists such as Chico Buarque, Ivan Lins and Arlindo Cruz, among others - Jungle Drums Online.com

"Tonight: Diogo Nogueira at Kahlua"

Ernest Barteldes

Samba is not just a single musical genre; it's actually subdivided into countless sub-genres ranging from the party-friendly Carnaval beat to the highly subtle bossa nova made famous by the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto. However, among the best-loved in Brazil (and least-known internationally) is the variation called samba-canção, a more melodic style that especially thrives in Rio de Janiero.

Samba-canção's lyrics are mostly romantic, waxing poetic about love won and lost, the love of music, soccer and of course about Cariocas' (the name given to those born in Rio) endless infatuation with their native city. Among its rising stars is Diogo Nogueira, a 29-year-old singer and songwriter who launched his career two years ago following in the footsteps of his late father, samba legend Joao Nogueira, who passed in 2000 of a massive heart attack as he prepared to go on stage at a Sao Paulo music venue.

In spite of his short time under the spotlight , Nogueira has a true sambista's chops - he has the same rich baritone his dad did, and is also a talented songwriter in his own right. On his latest live disc, which can be streamed in its entirety here, he presents a mix of covers and original numbers, including the poignant "Do Jeito Que Sou" ("The Way I Am"), a loving salute to his family -especially his dad.

This is Nogueira's first U.S. tour as a professional artist, but second stop in Houston; he was here for last year's Latin Grammy Awards as a nominee for Best New Artist. Besides Houston, he's stopping in other cities with large Brazilian communities (Miami, Los Angeles, San Jose, Newark) for whom something from back home helps to alleviate their saudade (an untranslatable word that means something like wishful yearning).

Considering Noguiera's growing following, this might be the only chance to catch him in a small venue Order a caipirinha or cerveja gelada to make the mood even better. - Houston Press


Sou Eu (EMI) - 2010

Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte (EMI) - 2009

Ao Vivo (EMI) - 2007



The new generation of samba is coming through…

Diogo Nogueira, 29-years-old, is a singer and songwriter who descends from a noble lineage of samba. Son of the acclaimed João Nogueira, he became accustomed at a young age to being embraced by choros and sambas. João would make it customary to take Diogo to sing at his shows and soon there were invitations to rodas de samba (communal gatherings where musicians and composers sing and improvise samba together, usually around a table with food and drink) in Rio, a habit that earned him respect and approval of the music’s bambas (samba legends).

In 2007, Diogo Nogueira recorded his first DVD at the João Caetano Theater (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), with classics of samba and new songs, alongside guests like Marcelo D2, Xande de Pilares from the band Revelação (Revelation), and acoustic guitarist Marcel Powell. The CD and DVD were released by EMI Music at the end of 2007, confirming Diogo Nogueira as the greatest samba revelation of his generation.

In November 2008, Diogo made his first international trip, to Texas, U.S.A., where he attended the 2008 Latin Grammy Awards as a nominee in the "New Artist" main category, and later made performances in Los Angeles, CA, and San Diego, CA. In June 2009, Diogo returned to the United States, where he made a short tour with gigs in Miami, FL, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Newark, NJ.

Along with the shows, Diogo has also been dividing his time with the shooting of tv show Samba na Gamboa (Samba at Gamboa) on TV Brasil, where he debuted as a host and has been highly praised. The program is aired on national television every Tuesday at 10pm. Among the guests, bambas (samba legends) such as Beth Carvalho, Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila, Jorge Aragão, João Bosco, Jorge Benjor, Arlindo Cruz, Zeca Pagodinho, Dudu Nobre, among others.

In June 2009, Diogo Nogueira launched, by EMI Music, the second album of his career, "Tô fazendo a minha parte," (I’m Doing My Part) in which he presents new songs, written by himself and other composers like Chico Buarque, Ivan Lins, Arlindo Cruz, Almir Guineto , Xande de Pilares, Flavinho Silva, among others. In July, Diogo Nogueira released the official tour with a new show and the launching of a new CD at the Canecão in Rio de Janeiro, with capacity crowd. After the start of the tour in Rio, Diogo traveled through the main capitals of Brazil.

In October 2009, Diogo Nogueira’s co-written theme song for the Nogueira family’s beloved Portela samba school was chosen to represent the school, crowning him champion for the fourth consecutive time. Both in 2007 and in 2008, the theme song made by Diogo received top marks from all judges in the Portela samba school’s parade.

On July 23, 2010, the singer will record his second DVD on the stage of Vivo Rio, RJ, in where he presents new songs and the repertoire of the CD "Tô Fazendo a Minha Parte” (I'm doing my part) that Diogo has shown throughout Brazil. In September, the singer goes to Europe, for his first tour on the continent.