Diomidis Mesimvrinos
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Diomidis Mesimvrinos

Athens, Attica, Greece

Athens, Attica, Greece
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"(Things you tell me with your silence)"

a love song - personal YouTube profile

"(Time is in charge) translated in English"

Time is in charge,
That sets sail inside of us.
First it throws us into the light,
And then into the hold.
I will speak to you plainly.
Whatever it gives you, it takes back,
Whatever it gives you, it takes back.

Who perceives the truth without suffering?
We are tragic beings, doomed from the start.
We will be rid of it all like deciduous trees.
Like deciduous trees…

What if everything is futile?
And the mind’s foundations are scattered with infliction.
At time’s vortex, what a sweet luxury, to be truly loved.

It seems like death, the deep and endless Aegean,
Every petty life will be lost like a fleeting wave,
On some coast, no matter its swash.
No mater its swash…

But never forget that in this dwindling world,
There are more like us that say with gratitude,
“Love is the only antidote to time”.
“Antidote to time”…

What if everything is futile?
And the mind’s foundations are scattered with infliction,
At time’s vortex, what a sweet luxury, to be truly loved.

- personal YouTube profile

"(Kill the self-deceit)"

overcoming the past and setting realistic goals.. - personal YouTube profile

"(The most carefree and wonderful years of her life)"

A song about student life of girls - personal YouTube profile


it was a big challenge to fit my life into a song. - personal YouTube profile

"(Every creature struggle)"

a song about loss and death - personal YouTube profile

"(Looking for the convenient lie)"

a song about the end of an important relationship - personal YouTube profile

"(Life is happening right know!)"

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"The debt (original song with english subtitles)"

A political song - personal YouTube profile


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Still working on that hot first release.



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