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Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Solo Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Raising Her Voice"

http://www.citypaper.com/music/story.asp?id=15653 - Baltimore City Paper 2008


"Directions" 2006 (Single)
"Love/Elevate" 2006(Single)
"Atonement" 2007(Single)
"Humanity" 2006(Single)



Born November 9, 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland. Dionne was exposed to cultured and diverse settings, which would further nurture, and develop her character, and artistic license. Understanding of the county to the streets way of life is nothing beyond grasp for her. Influenced by not only Major, and Indie Artists; Dionne is inspired by musicians in here family as well. Her songwriter, guitarist father, Samuel remains her most significant musical influence to date. Samuel found himself to be a talent that was never full embraced for his gifts. Samuel, and Bobbie honed their daughters talent, and abilities by surrounding her with an eclectic selection of records, instruments, and (failed)piano lessons as early as the age of 3. From elementary school to high school, Dionne found herself passionately involved in choir. Emeshed in the choir of "life" metaphorically, Dionne struggled for a few years with her sense of direction, and purpose following high school. Eventually dropping out of college while pursuing psychology. Dionne longed to express herself more so thru art, and in 2002 with the help of close friends, rediscovered her strength in writing, and poetry, becoming a fixture at some local spoken word venues. Even in this newfound growth, and community she longed to express herself on a more musical level. Today, after failed band start ups, an incomplete Hidden Beach Recordings Internship, production delays, and personal struggles; Dionne has found her "voice" and is ready to spark a "revolution of the mind, body, and soul" with poignant, and heartfelt messages. Artists, Producers, Media, and Newfound Fans have already started to compare Dionne's Versatility, Style, and Sound to the likes of Meshell, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and Tracy Chapman. Dionne is currently completing her eagerly awaited Album, and is working with some of Baltimore's Best Producers, and Artists. Look for the upcoming album, and live performances in 2008.

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