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Two EPs are out "Greek-English Hip Hopmania" and "Ta Panda" ,by Lad Records




Dionysios Lazanis at the age of six he went to music school in Montreal, where he studied the accordion and the piano. At the age of nine, he moved to Greece with his parents. he won first prize in singing, which took place in his hometown of Zakynthos Island. Dionysios composes, produces and performs
Upon returning to Canada, he continued to study music in Jazz, classical technique, voice and composition. Over the years, the critics have noted his skills of improvisation showing an original combination and application of Jazz, classical and Greek music. He plays the piano, guitar, bass, bouzouki, mandolin and percussion.
Dionysios released his first single 12" record, " Come and Dance"
He created the first Bouzouki nights in Canada and USA, He made many concert appearances in the North American Greek community.
In 1997 the Bouzouki dance mix was released as a demo ,which contained songs from various popular Greek singers such as Giannis Antipas (An thes kardia na dosis, Oti ke na leo, EImai anevasmenos)MINOS-EMI.
Cabriole (Giannis Vasiliou) Alpha Records
Ti-Ti-(Giorgos Alkeos)
Dionysios Lazanis was given permission to re-release the songs by all record companies which were paid through Sodrac in Canada.
My goal is to make Greek music International through his songs and by working with as many Greek musicians, lyricists, producers, singers, actors & actresses as well.
Open minded, eventually including the world of fashion and media as well!!!
He was honored and was given a prize in singing, producing, and composing for one of his original songs, written in Greek entitled " Ellada", (Greece). Released as a single, "Ellada", enjoyed tremendous airplay on Greek radio stations world wide!
He released his album S' agapo (I love you), on own label "Ionian Music". A video clip was released for one of the songs in the album " Apo tote pou se gnorisa" (Ever since I've met you). Both video and album received extenisive airplay on Greek radio and T.V. stations. The album was available at leading specialty music stores in North America.

In 2007 "Hip Hop Quebecois " compilation was released,with Sizzle records,in which he participated with his song"Feel me",which is No1 ,ripping the charts of the radio stations ,worldwide.
I've released several albums and his most recent release is a single entitled "Feel me", from the Hip Hop Quebecois compilation, which also contains popular Quebec hip-hop artists such as Sans Pression, Real Clan, Tone, and many others, which I wrote music and worked with at Sizzles records (Beatmasters)studio.
In this song, I combine Hip Hop with greek and electronic instruments, using frygian & other modes. Although the lyrics of the chorus "Horepse mou tsifteteli" imply tsifteteli, the beat of the song takes on a fresh new shape by mixing a hip hop beat with a Greek "laiko" feel creating a beautiful new style.
"Feel me" was mixed and produced in QUAD STUDIOS one of the top studios in New York where big artists record and mix there!
He has worked with several musicians,Artists and recently with DjKosmas from Greece,who remiced "feel Me " and has been playing in most of the radio stations,ripping the charts
Two EPs are out "Greek-English Hip Hopmania" and "Ta Panda" ,by Lad Records