Diosa are an all-girl band whose guitar drenched sound ranges from Kill Rockstars-era super fuzz to the most likeable aspects of post-punk.


Diosa is a Seattle based band that has been together 2 years.
We like PJ Harvey, Sleater Kinney, Erase Errata, Sonic Youth, Joan Jett, Heart, L7, Team Dresch and many many more.


Diosa EP
recorded at Bla Records 4/06


1. Mirror
2. Nothing Never
3. Remember The Rain
4. Ego Freak

Remember The Rain has received airplay on KEXP

Set List

Typical Set List is 30 to 45 Minutes, but we have enough material for an hour +.

Current Songs:

1. Isolation
2. Nothing/Never
3. Remember The Rain
4. Make Believe Woman
5. Black Out
6. Sirens
7. From Far Above
8. Broken
9. Ghost Writer
10. The Touch
11. Ego Freak