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The best kept secret in music


"Dipsomaniacs in NYC live review"

"...One of the highlights of the IPO was the New York debut of the Trenton, N.J.-based Dipsomaniacs, a truly great rock band with its roots locked in the music of the Who, Beach Boys, Beatles, Replacements and the Pogues (the band's latest album, "The Life You're Faking," even has a song written to that group's founder, "Shane MacGowan").
Mick Chorba, the band's singer/guitarist and main songwriter, has come up with several instant classics on the new album, particularly the surf fantasy "Everyday," which may be one of the most perfectly-crafted guitar rock songs ever written.
Copies of "The Life You're Faking" as well as the Dipsomaniacs' great Who-inspired "Undertow" (think "Punk Quadrophenia") are available from Face Down Records, PO Box 1733, Burlington, New Jersey 08016, or at facedown.net in cyberspace."
By John Swenson
United Press International
Published 1/16/2002 6:28 PM
Copyright © 2002 United Press International
- UPI (United Press International

"Dipsomaniacs CD Review"

Dipsomaniacs - The Life You're Faking (Face Down Records): It's pretty obvious that the Dipsomaniacs spent many, many hours listening to Replacements albums. In every way, the New Jersey quartet emulates their obvious musical heroes on this new disc.

"The Life You're Faking" features a punchy blend of power pop that has enough edgy guitar to keep your attention, yet is never overwhelming enough to force you to reach for the volume knob. The playing is lively and fast, but the songs are melodic and have terrific six-string hooks. That's a difficult assignment for any band, but the Dipsomaniacs pass the test easily.

Unlike the Replacements, who aimed more for attitude, the Dipsomaniacs are overwhelmingly polished. There is little groundbreaking music here, but that's not really the point. "The Life You're Faking" begins with the premise that rock 'n roll, when played well, is catchy and fun. The band gleefully sticks with this formula over the course of 12 songs.

The standout track is the opener, "Everyday." It is extremely radio friendly and could easily find its way onto the soundtrack of a teen comedy. This is not an album without flaws, however. "More than a Machine" never hits the right tempo while "Dismembered" sounds like it was cobbled together ten minutes before the band entered the studio.

However, "The Life You're Faking" gets major bonus points for a pair of song-title reasons. The second song is called "Shane MacGowan." Any homage to the former lead singer and genius for the Pogues indicates a high degree of felicitous reverence.

The seventh tune, titled "Valerie Valerie (NJT)," is a humorous homage to love on the New Jersey Transit. That's a mode of transportation I've used many times since my collegiate days at Seton Hall. SCORE: 8."  Michael Ryan in the Boston Herald (MA) 10/12/01

- Boston Herald

"Dipsomaniacs CD Review"

You just have to love a band that name themselves after another word for alcoholics, have a great song called "Shane MacGowan", and sound very much like the pre-sobriety Replacements. Out of the New Jersey area, and on a label called Face Down Records, at that. The thing is, this third album is just great rollicking fun - not dissimilar to the Faces, but with a jangly pop edge, though more than anything a loving continuation of the "Mats fine legacy. There's not a bad song on the album, and several, notably the aforementioned "Shane MacGowan", "Valerie Valerie (NJT)", "Dismembered", "Real Girl Now", and "Quiet Quiet Quiet" are all just excellent - raucous, smart, and funny power pop. Fans of everything from Cheap Trick to Green Day might find this one just to their taste. Recommended. Kent H. Benjamin in Pop Culture Press Issue #54 5/02 - Pop Culture Press


Smaller Than Life - 1996 (FDR)
Undertow - 1998 (FDR)
The Life You're Faking - 2001 (FDR/Jam Records)
Freakin Eureka - 2003 (FDR/Jam Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy



The Dipsomaniacs have not changed their philosophy much in the years since they first formed in Ron Mitchell's dank Trenton, NJ basement. In the mid ‘90’s these four friends formed to drink cheap beer and play the songs they love by bands like the Who, the Replacements, Cracker, The Beatles, The Clash, and the Ramones. The only difference now is in who’s listening, as the band’s hundreds of raucous live shows from the Northeast Corridor to Los Angeles have garnered a larger audience of fans who love the Dipsos’ particularly potent blend of power and melody.

The Dipsomaniacs latest, Freakin' Eureka (2003, FDR/Jam Records), features the band at its best. The eleven new songs on the album showcase both Mick Chorba’s finely crafted Replacements-via-Fountains of Wayne songwriting and the straight-ahead rocking of the incredibly tight live band that the Dipsos have become. Many of the loose ends are left tidily untied on this newest release, capturing the live energy of the band with spontaneous-sounding arrangements that feel like low lights and American beer.

The Dipsomaniacs have been growing in popularity with each successive release. Since selling out the first pressing of their previous album (The Life You’re Faking – 2001, FDR/Jam Records), the band has toured locally, successfully building a strong live fan base through regular shows in NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and Baltimore. The Dipsomaniacs have also been busy contributing songs (original and covers) to countless label compilation CDs from as far away as Sweden (Pop Under the Surface Vol. 4, 1999). The band is also featured on two Face Down Records tribute albums – the Who Tribute CD, Who’s Not Forgotten (2004), and the Replacements Tribute CD, Left of the Dial (2003).

The Dipsomaniacs are now working to expand their reach through more touring in support of Freakin’ Eureka. Chosen as the Philadelphia winner in the Little Steven Underground Garage Rock Contest (May 2004), the band will be playing at Irving Plaza in NYC in July 2004 to compete with winners from 7 other cities. Winner will open for Iggy Pop and Jet in August!

Fans can also expect a compilation of B-sides, live tracks, and rarities from the band in the fall of 2004, tentatively titled Sodds & Odds. Best of all for growing legions of Dipsos fans - the band is already working on a new full length CD for a release in early 2005.