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The best kept secret in music


"DIRECT LINE (Montreal) Album Critic"

“What can I say about this excellent self-produced recording by Canadians “DIRECT LINE”? It is simply proof that the band has reached a level of musical maturity, has a clear idea of its musical direction, and how to get around in the harsh reality of the hard-rock scene, fluid yet at the same time really tainted. DIRECT LINE succeeds in not being trite, in not sacrificing quality in a way that’s really typical in music today. The group, with their densely unified rhythms, plays with a refined complexity that Shows off magnificent melodies (These are the faces) as well as really wild passages (Get physical - As Always) and sudden stylistic changes ( The way I feel now - Up and far). Talented and on the ball, in my opinion they are ready to be in the limelight. Even the recording seems to be a finished work; in short, it’s not missing a thing!
I would like to see them live….good luck guys! ”
- THE WIZ OF OZ album critic --Viale dei Colli Portuensi , Rome, Italy

"Live From Taubertal Open-Air Festival"

“Good qualities : a good and ritmic section with a marvelous strong and present bass
Influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage against the machine, Limp Bizkit
Best song in the set: As Always
Opinion: Energetic, compact, robust, substantial and agressive as a new metal band should be. They come from Montreal and characterize themselves as a professional band on stage. They even know how to make music out of vinyl. The records scratching as skates over the ice and are in good tune with the rolls of the drum
Total score: **** 4 stars ”
- Kevin Devogel, Sennheiser USA

"E-Mail from SABIAN senior marketing manager"

’’Once again, I though you guys did a killer job at Emergenza, and congratulations (once again) on your win. Your style of music is different from what I normally hear, so it takes some adjustment. That's why I was surprised I liked your band so
much... you're quite different from what I would normally like. But I must say that with your live performance it was more than just the music. You managed to create dynamics and intensity through a mix of the music, the movement and the personalities in the band. You were working on all levels... Some of the other bands were great on some levels, but you had the whole package. Kind of like U2 or the Who... where everyone in the band exudes their own presence - whether running, jumping or standing still - and those elements add up to something unique. It's not a conscious thing... it has to do with the personalities of the players.’’
- Wayne Blanchard

"Directline @ B.E.S.T. of Emergenza Canadian Showcase Tour"

‘’We had the pleasure of meeting Montreal's own, Direct Line at this year's B.E.S.T. of Emergenza Canadian Showcase. As winners of the 2002 Montreal Emergenza finals, where they wrapped up Best Band, Best Original Song, Best Show, and Best Drummer, they gave an energetic encore presentation at this year's showcase of finalists. The crowd was nowhere near shy of jumping around. With a creative blend of funky basslines, agressive melodic riffs, and an empowering stage presence, Direct Line leave their own definite mark on the Montreal music scene.’’ - Valerie Pyke – Montreal Music Scene


DIRECT LINE – SAY IT LOUD - Montreal, Canada
’’I can’t hide that this is one of my favourite groups!
I am always amazed at the fluidity with which DIRECT LINE are able to cross the boundaries of different genres, showing talent, technique, but also dynamic force. What’s left to say?
I have previously expressed my admiration for the band in this column, decidedly they are ready for the international scene – and once again I am convinced of this.
Enjoy the song!!! ‘’
- The Wiz of Oz

"Direct Line at Club Soda- Dec 2003"


’’An intense orgasm of rhythm and melody is what you can call their performance on December 11th at Club Soda. Direct Line scooped the packed up crowd that night into their sphere of raw energy. Their set started with a bang as the powerful guitar sound of Frederic Joyal blasted through the house sound system. There's no need for warm-up time as singer Eric Hamelin attacks right away the front stage and begins to orchestrate the audience's energy like a maestro. One rocking tune after another, they definitively displayed a unique sound, mixing hard rock, funk, and reggae with just the right touch of experimental provided by their turntable guru DJ LP Spina. Into the night, they gave the crowd a chance to catch their breath a bit with a soothing acoustic piece. If you think this will lead on to a slow down of the set, then think again. One of the most memorable pieces I have ever witnessed at a live show was their empowering neo-rhythm "tam tam" piece. Eric joins his musicians as he picks up the djembe and that’s when the crowd lost all control. With that kind of energy I'm sure the party could have went on all night. Like all good things, it came to an end but surely leaving the spectators panting for more. ‘’
Lex – Montreal Music Scene (

- Montreal Music Scene


-- Direct Line --- (Demo 2 songs, 2000)
The Way I Feel Now
Get Physical

-- Find Your Target -- (12 songs, 2003)
As Alway's
On My Own
These Are The Faces
Say It Out Loud
The Way I Feel Now
Get Physical
Up and Far
Underneath The Surface
What U See

-- B.E.S.T of Emergenza Canada --
( 1 song/compilation) 2003

-- B.E.S.T. of Emergenza Italy --
( 1 song/compilation) 2003
Say It Out Loud

-- B.E.S.T. of Emergenza Germany --
( 1 song/compilation) 2003
Underneath The Surface

Singles (Radio AirPlay)
-- Trust -- 2002
-- Apart -- 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


MONTREAL, June 2004 —Founded three years ago by three of its current members (Fred Joyal, Welby Medeiros and Eric Hamelin, later joined by G-Jay, followed by L-P Spina), Direct Line’s sound is a high octane mixture of metal, funk and hip-hop.

The band recorded its first demo in November 2000, which became quite successful in helping build the band’s reputation on the Montreal scene. Direct Line performed in numerous bars and clubs in Montreal, before recording their first album, in April 2001. FIND YOUR TARGET was launched on their own label.

In March 2002, the band decided to take part in “EMERGENZA”, an international competition bringing together 3,000 bands in more than 25 cities in Europe and Canada. After four grueling rounds pitting over 150 bands against each other, Direct Line came out as the winner at the Canadian finals held in Montreal at the Medley club in front of 1,700 people and a panel of 8 judges. Total tally: Best Band, Best Original Song, Best Show, Best Drummer, and Direct Line was voted number one by both the audience and the other bands in the finals. Direct Line went on to Germany in July 2002, to represent Canada at the international finals of EMERGENZA, competing against 25 other top bands from around the world. The big event took place at the TAUBERTAL FESTIVAL in Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, a three-day festival that attracted over 20,000 people each day. Direct Line performed on Saturday night and had the crowd screaming for more. The band finished 4th overall.

Direct Line has since performed on a few radio shows in Montreal (CoolFM, Montreal’s No. 1 rock station) as well as TV shows (Musique Plus (Montreal’s MTV), the city’s No. 1 music station) and their song Adrenaline was played on a regular basis on radio stations in Montreal. The band contributed to the soundtrack of an extreme sports video, EQ Extreme Sport, which to date sold over 10,000 copies as well as taking part of the three EMERGENZA compilation albums of 2003 in Europe, Canada and Italy, which regroup the best upcoming bands over the world.
In October 2003, Direct Line went on the road to take part at the B.E.S.T. of Emergenza Tour 2003 which putted together the best bands ever to take part in the Emergenza festival in the last years. Together with bands from Italy, Germany and Toronto, Direct Line played at Montreal’s “Club Soda”, Toronto’s “Reverb” and Ottawa’s “Barrymore’s” in sold out venues.

Spring 2004; the band participated in "Music In Paradise 2004", a 3 week vacation concert series in Florida to celebrate Spring Break with stops in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando and Boca Raton, along with acts like Blink 182, Deftones, Sugar Ray and more…

The band is now working on new songs in the studio and are getting ready for their first European tour in France, Italy and Germany starting next September 2004. Direct Line is also schedule to participate at the International finals for the METRO SEARCH Band Contest in New York City on October 7th.

In concert, their main goal is to raise the crowd's energy level and maintain it at its peak at all times. They see their live performances as on opportunity to interact with their fans—whether they are 20 or 20,000. Their focus and drive make Direct Line a band to be reckoned with, now and in the future! *Get’em while they’re hot!