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"The recording captured a live energy that I really enjoyed!"

Your entire presentation was very professional and well done. You can be proud of your efforts. It's clear that everyone in the group are great players and the recording captured a live energy that I really enjoyed. The producer is excellent. - Foley Entertainment

"Here's a band on a mission if ever I saw one!"

Here's a band on a mission if ever I saw one! They play hard core aggressive rap-rock, but with a difference. What I liked about this group is that they have clearly thought about being unique. There are twists and turns in the arrangements and production that keep you on your toes... It's the ultimate fusion music for kids! - A & R Online/Chris Standring

"Nothing short of awesome"

One helluva disc, great blend of unique arrangements, yet easy to listen to. Angry, melodic, sophisticated, raw - you name it and it's there, pure. - Scott Reid

"5 Stars"

"What U Said" would fit perfectly on today's radio, yet it falls in a category that's rare...high quality. - The Cleveland Free Times

"One of the best CD's that I have had the chance to check out."

Welcome To The Pressure Cooker is a 14 song full length enhanced CD that contains some of the best sounding original rap-metal style music that I have heard in a long time. I really hate to label these guys as rap-metal; they combine various musical generes to create a brutal and thick sound that is different from anything that I heard for this style of music. All the songs on the CD are great! The sound quality of Welcome To The Pressure Cooker is great as well. Dirt has put together an aggressive sounding CD that will make your ears want more. Dirt make some great music and they can kick some ass as well. Go out and buy the CD, it rocks and won't leave you disappointed! - Brian Kerr/Lakeland Community College


Great CD, I bought yours with three others from CD Baby but I haven't been able to listen to the others yet. Its good to hear your getting radio coverage, every station should join the band wagon. Thanks for taking the time to contact your fans! It's great!! Have fun and I'll keep bugging the stations. - CD Baby Listener - Shane - Australia

"I thought the whole thing really rocked."

First of all very impressed with the cd..Production is great , lyrics are clever and over all I thought the whole thing really rocked...I am really digging it...going to share it with the MD of the CHR station so he can sample the flavor. must have you in soon. - Jim Edwards - WZRX 107.5-Lima, OH

"4 Stars"

I foresee a long and prosperous future. Very catchy. - Richard Vilantano - CPE Pubs.

"Whatever label you want to give this type of music, Dirt play it very well."

Rap Metal, Metal Core, Nu-Metal or whatever other name this type of music is labelled, there is never going to be any middle ground where someone is going to say “Yeah, it’s okay.” Metal fans are always going to complain about Rap singing in a Metal song and Rap fans will say the Metal guitars are spoiling a good Rap tune.

For all you Metal fans out there, Welcome to the Pressure Cooker has some pretty awesome rough, chugging and sludgy guitar riffs skilfully played by Jim Bryant. Bass player Justin Pocock keeps the songs rumbling along and there is some fanciful drumming from Mark Patrick keeping the beat. Take away the Rapping, the samples, programming, turntable wiggling, and other various MIDI insertions, and you have a down an’ dirty, kinda Grungy Rock album.

Take a listen to “Get Mine” and “What U Said” to get your head nodding. You even have a Rock Ballad to mellow out to in the haunting, acoustically melodic “Yesterday.” Dave “DBC” Burzanko has a very strong voice with a wide vocal range, backed and harmonized by Jim Bryant and Justin Pockock, and is well suited for singing Rock and Metal.

Welcome to the Pressure Cooker has more to offer Rap, Nu-Metal and Hip-Hop fans. DBC’s raping ability is as good as anything Limp Biskit’s Fred Durst, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, or even Emenem pumps out. His turntable wiggling, programming, samples and other MIDI electronica flow with, and are part of, each song, rather than just put in for the sake of having them in there somewhere to make it sound Hip-Hop. The tracks “Killing Me,” “Gimmie,” “Root of All Evil,” and “Bossman,” being the better tracks typifying this style of music. “Killing Me” also features Cali Hawk adding her vocal uniqueness to the mix.

Welcome to the Pressure Cooker belongs to that controversial hybrid fusion of Rap, Metal, Rock, and Hip-Hop, you can’t call it Nu-Metal as Nu-Metal is dead, many out there have read the obituary, and this style of music appeals to quite a narrow band of fans. Whatever label you want to give this type of music, Dirt play it very well. If you are a fan of this musical hybrid, then Dirt have created an album that will spend a long time on your playlist. However, Metal and Rap aficionados will shun it as the offspring from a marriage of musical genres that should under no circumstances have ever met, never mind made it to the alter. - SHOEGAZER ROSS/Metal Express


Album ~ Welcome To The Pressure Cooker
�2008 Bring It Down Recordings
Produced by Craig Kafton/Dave Burzanko
Mixed by Martin Bisi, Craig Kafton, Dave Burzanko
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian @ Absolute Audio Mastering/NYC
"Need" Mastered by Howie Wienberg Mastering/NYC
Recorded at Bisi Studios/Brooklyn, NY, The Hole Studio/Cleveland, OH, and Closer Look Studios/Cleveland, OH
Art Direction by Dave Burzanko

"Welcome To The Pressure Cooker" is registered with Soundscan, ASCAP & SoundExchange

UPC Barcode ~ 825346236728

"Clean for Broadcast" and "Instrumental" song versions of "Welcome To The Pressure Cooker" are available upon request.

Singles ~ "Highwater", "Need", "Fake Bitch"What U Said", "Day I Die" "Who We Be"

Videos ~ "Funkn' Your Head Up"(Promo), "Need", "Who We Be", "Dirt Live"(Promo)

The Mechanical and Synchronization Licenses have been obtained for the sale and video broadcast of DMX's "Who We Be" performed by Dirt.

Industry Bullets ~

1. "The Need" would fit perfectly on today's radio, yet it falls in a category that's rare....high quality." ~ Frank Soults ~ The Cleveland Free Times
2. "Dirt f**k'n Rocks." ~ Foz ~ 92.3 WXTM Radio ~ Cleveland
3. "Their persistence and hard work has surely paid off." ~ Matt Wardlaw ~ WMMS 100.7 Radio ~ Cleveland
4. "Thanks for being so proactive." ~ Alfie Brodie ~ Field Marketing Manager ~ Redbull North America
5. "Good Job" ~ Dan Kemer ~ Clear Channel Marketing & Booking
6. "Extremely organized and extremely talented, Dirt is a band poised to shake things up on a world wide scale." ~ Jim Gerard ~ Citi-Music Cleveland
7. "Watching footage of their live show, I noticed an unusually high number of glow sticks and necklaces." ~ Siren Cristy ~ Score Magazine
8. "We feel that "DIRT" has got it, and we wish to help you take it all the way. I am totally impressed by the manner in which you and the group carry yourselves in relation to doing business." ~ Count ~ Jathom Records Group
9. "I was impressed by this entry and am looking into it for further review." ~ Reno Rojas ~ Tourdog Entertainment Inc.
10. "First, hats off to Dirt on marketing and go buy "Welcome to the Pressure Cooker" ~ Peanuts ~ Cool Cleveland/Sun Newspapers
11. "Everyone here at ANTV loves you guys. We will be adding you in heavy rotation!" ~ Keith Dressel - CEO - Adrenaline Nation TV, A&R - Hootie & The Blowfish, Collective Soul, Sublime

Fan Bullets ~

1. "I first heard some of the songs on a Starboyz DVD and I was completely driven by the sound. Dirt doesn't disappoint..."Welcome to the Pressure Cooker" is one of the best albums I've ever heard! It freakin' rocks!!! Keep it up guys!" ~ Amber ~ St. Paul, MN
2. "Great CD. It really gets you amped up before you go ride." ~ Jason ~ Cleveland, OH
3. "Great CD, I bought your's with three others from CD Baby but I haven't been able to listen to the others yet. Its good to hear your getting radio coverage, every station should join the band wagon. Thanks for taking the time to contact your fans! It's great!! Have fun and I'll keep bugging the stations." ~ Shane - Australia
4. "One helluva disc, Great blend of unique arrangements, yet easy to listen to. Angry, Melodic, sophisticated, raw...you name it and it's there. pure!" ~ SCOTT - Thompson, OH
5. "Hey you guys, I just saw you Saturday at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati! You gave my buddy Chris and I autographed pictures, which was awesome. You guys rocked, I love your style, my friend Chris agrees. I hope to see you guys play again! Oh, and Mark, your a stud muffin! Hottie!" ~ Sarah ~ Cincinatti, OH
6. "Heya, I saw u guys the 1st time u played at X-Fest with Staind, u guys were kickass, hope to see ya again" ~ TaPeD,sEwN, sTiLl B.r.O.K.e.N - Myspace
7. "I bought the CD and it was amazing. You guys really kick ass and the music is just original. I've never heard anything like it before. My 41yr old mom even likes it. By the way, are you guys going to work on another CD soon? You can count on me getting it!" ~ Brandon
8. "Hey I'm jess from England, I saw your video on Musicplus TV the other night and thought it was pretty cool - downloaded the tracks off purevolume and they were too. Best of luck with the band, hope you guys are doing well, laters!"
9. "Heya! Your band has restored my faith in Numberonemusic.com. "Get Mine" is a hit, and if all your music is this good, I will have to buy the CD. This song is incredible! I will be checking you guys out once I'm done with this letter. Nice job!" ~ Tomi
10. "Heard your songs on the Derder DVD. I love "Highwater", it pumps me up! ~ Brad



Contact: Dave Burzanko
email: Bringitdown@hotmail.com
phone : 440-591-7519

Dirt are an eclectic rock band out of Cleveland, Ohio (home of the rock and roll hall of fame) who fuse hip hop, metal, electronica, punk and funk to create a unique and compelling original sound. The four piece band, who met while working as studio engineers, is fronted by vocalist, lyricist and primary songwriter Dave Burzanko. The heavy rhythmic sound is balanced perfectly by Burzanko's one of a kind vocal style. Influences as diverse as Eric B. & Rakim, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine and Black Sabbath are all evident in their full length, "Welcome To The Pressure Cooker" which finds the bands firing on all cylinders. The CD has been selling steadily across the globe in Europe, Japan, US & Australia. Dirt have been together seven years and have received numerous accolades. K ROCK 92.3 FM in Cleavland named them the winner of their battle of the bands for two years in a row and they are recipients of ASCAP's new artist songwriters award. "Scene Magazine" named them Best Regional Band and they have opened for alternative rock megastars Godsmack, Staind, Breaking Benjamin, & Fuel as well as hip hop acts like Cypress Hill. They have been featuring on Fox Sports News, MTV, Swept Away TV, ASA events and many extreme sports DVD's including The Starboyz, Street Racers, The European Paintball Championships and Redbull. Currently you can find Dirt at cdbaby.com and on You Tube in the form of three videos (one of which is for the single "Who We Be".) They have a new cd in the works and various merchandise, including shirts, stickers, hats and ringtones available through http://www.cafepress.com/dirtmerch