Dirtbird are slow and beautiful, like an old, old swan. "Timeless and unreachable...a lasting small pearl...without meaning to, you will be transported by the otherworldliness of this music, and you will feel as if you were floating in slow-motion with Dirtbird's ghosts." - Rootstime, Holland.



Dirtbird is the ethereal, mysterious musical project of Australian singer-songwriter David M. Lewis. Close harmonies, atmospheric double bass and drums, sparsely pulsing resonator guitar, a soaring cello and slow, sad songs about mystical journeys and the end of the world are some of the elements which weave in and out of the organic quietness which has become the Dirtbird sound.
With each of Dirtbird’s four albums, High Water Dover (2004), White Horse Road (2007), Cathedral (2008), and The Traveller (2011), Lewis has refined these elements more and more, adding new dimensions of space and mystery into his dark, visionary songs.
The Traveller was recorded by US producer Kramer (who has produced bands such as Low, Bonnie Prince Billy, John Spencer and Galaxie 500), and represents something of a shift for the band, as it has a spookier, looser sound than the earlier records (due partly to the shimmering production Kramer brings to the project).
The songs themselves are often written using a “cut-up” technique (using old National Geographics, Encyclopedias and a pair of scissors), which has the effect of making them sound as if they’ve been imperfectly translated from some ancient language, inviting comparisons to artists like Neil Young, Low, M. Ward and Gillian Welch. Dirtbird’s sound, however, and the world which they seem to inhabit, is entirely their own.


High Water Dover (2004)
White Horse Road (2007)
Cathedral (2008)
The Traveller (2011)

Set List

Love is a rose
In a moment of a hundred things
Golden river
The stone
Come soon in summer
Bigger than a star
The velvet hall
Something is burning in the light
We rise
I rose again
A place to fall
This ain't happiness
Burning gold, riding high
White horse road