Dirtbox Racers

Dirtbox Racers

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

We are thee Chicago Punk Rock band for the most energizing, entertaining, drink having, party throwing, In-your-face show in the great Chicago Area!


We play a Punk and Roll music that is filled with high energy, on-stage antics! The band is the brain child of Chad Rasner and Jake Gust. Both of them moved to Chicago and met through a Chicago scooter club. They decided the city needed its very own loud and abusive punk rock band. So they formed Dirtbox Racers in 2004 and have played in almost every venue in the city since. The current line up includes Mike Durso from The Sonnets, Dan Knapik from Venom Lords, and Erik Pedtke from President Bomb. Together their mission is to destroy the heart felt, namby pamby, hipster B.S., and run their audience down with serious punk rock!


Self titled - Dirtbox Racers album