Dirt Communion

Dirt Communion

 Reno, Nevada, USA

Dirt Communion is a new band with an old soul. We embrace the old school southern and metal roots and infuse them with a fresh sound that is distinctive among the other artists in our genre. Couple that with a dynamic stage show and you have a very approachable brand of heavy music.


“Antique Mechanic” was an off-hand suggestion for an album title, but it ended up being right on the money when it comes to describing the music of Dirt Communion. This groove-meets-doom band from the desert wastelands of Nevada uses its years of experience to tinker with the roots of heavy metal, but mixes in enough modern touches so that it’s not just a nostalgia trip.
Dirt Communion’s first full-length album, “Antique Mechanic,” brings together catchy riffs and earthshaking tone making them a standout among the legion of classic/stoner/doom bands on the scene today. Fans, the local press and the blogosphere are being drawn to Dirt Communion’s distinctive sound. As the Reno News and Review said, “Any listener who appreciates pure, unadulterated, classic metal riffage can’t do anything but bang his head with approval.” Or as Etan Rosenbloom of the website Cerebral Metalhead put it: “This stuff requires a tightrope walk down the line between behind-the-beat sloppiness and deep-pocket groove, and Dirt Communion gets it right.”
This group of Reno vets started in fall 2007 when guitarist Tony Ashworth and drummer Logan Spurling decided to form a band with Southern drive and a dirty downbeat. Tony asked friend and prominent local guitarist Eric Stangeland to join up and the trio started writing songs soon after.
It took well over a year to find others committed to Dirt Communion, but things settled in fall 2008. That summer, Eric’s friend, vocalist Mark Earnest, joined up after Tony and Eric saw him singing Sabbath covers with another local metal band. Still needing a bassist, Mark asked his friend Dan Bishop to complete the lineup. As it turned out, Dan had wanted to play this style of metal for quite some time.
From its first show in Jan. 2009, Dirt Communion quickly earned a devoted Reno following through its strong songwriting and dynamic stage presence. Encouraged by this galloping start, Dirt Communion recorded with local engineer Chris Finley to produce “Antique Mechanic,”. Dirt Communion has already opened for touring national acts and has performed all around the west coast (and even as far east as Omaha, Nebraska). They plan to continue their success in 2010 and look forward to making new friends and fans all over the world.

Onward they sludge……


"Antique Mechanic" EP (Digital Only) 2009
"Antique Mechanic" LP (Digital and Physical CD) 2010
"A Trip to the Slaughterhouse" streaming on Foundry of Doom Radio.
"A Trap Door Into Hell", "Rebuilt For Speed" and "Gone" local radio airplay on 104.5FM KDOT and 100.9FM KRZQ

Set List

Our set lengths can range anywhere from 30 min up to 70 min. A typical set list may look like the following...
A Trap Door Into Hell
Hideout / Johnny Law
Rebuilt For Speed
Ball Lightning
Bombed/Last Call
Mulholland's Curse
Stuck In The Mud
The Freaks Are Taking Over