dirtE bird

dirtE bird

BandHip HopR&B

Hype, Innovative, Energetic, Nice Dancing, and Live Stage Presence, Moving the crowd attitude


I go by the name of dirtE bird. I was born in Greenville, MS and then my family and I moved to a suburb of Dallas called Plano, TX. I was given the gift of writing and realized it early in school but I never thought that I could put it to music until I got in the tenth grade. From there the sky has been the limit and I'm in the 12th grade now with 6 studio recorded songs under my belt and currently in the process of releasing my first album. I have produced hundreds of beats already in my three years of experience of writing and 1 year of profeessional production. I have had 4 performances so far and I'm looking forward to getting my name out there and getting signed to a major record label.


I have four singles that I've got for a demo and each one of them have been getting great feedback. The first one is titled "Somethin Ta Getcha Hype," "2 Step," "Wave(Shake)," and the smash hit, "Gone."

Set List

For my album that was released in May, the list goes as follows, "Represent," "Take It Low," "Git Down," "Rhythm," "Bump Dis," "Top Da Game," "Switched Up," "Hype," "Countdown," "Can't Quit."