Dirt Farmer

Dirt Farmer

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Dirt Farmer records electronic folk songs and present them like sound sculptures.


Dirt Farmer is the songwriting team of scott cryer (vocals, guitar) and rob macDonald (guitars, keys, blips'n'blops). Scott and Rob are based in Toronto and play live as a duo. Lately they've been writing folk songs and soaking them in the world of electronica...electronic folk. That sensibility follows them to the stage where they play with guitars, synths, a big foot stomper and even bigger pedal boards.


Dirt Farmer - self titled, debut album (2006)

Under the name Two Thirds Water

We've All Seen That Before (2003)
Orbit (2003)
Wasted in Stereo (2003)
Glass Bottom Boat (1997)
Waterworks (1994)

Self titled Two Thirds Water EP (1990)