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This band has not uploaded any videos



"click for 20 reviews of our debut album and live performances!!"

“simply breathtaking…bruising hypnotic affair that leaves you aching for more.”

-rhythm & booze

“…a step back in time and partly a look into the future - a stunning, atmospheric work of passion and emotion that twists and turns as it evolves, never static, never relenting, growing, changing - totally absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable.”

-toxic pete

“(dirt jake replicas)succeed in producing emotionally charged chaos”

-red crown review

“Dirt Jake Replicas defy easy bracketing ….Why isn’t there more music like this around? It’s intricate, and it’s pacey … and in some ways it’s still heavy, too. But Dirt Jake Replicas have the knack of making the songs heavy rather than the sounds, and that’s what separates the wheat from the chaff in this bracket.”


“When I first saw dirt jake replicas I stood in the back, alone in a room full of strangers. There was no way I could have been prepared for how deeply I was affected.”


“Dirt Jake Replicas really have a sound all their own that needn’t be seen as owing more to their influences than as the kind of inspiration every young band needs.”

-dutch progressive rock page

“instrumentally innovative and melodically arresting”


“A new genre of music from across the pond”

-get ready to rock

“overflowing with darkness and emotion.”

-rock Alaska records

“they have been honest enough with their music to let it develop its own character.”

-west coast performer magazine

“Beautiful, dramatic, dark, climactic and fiery.”

-pdx pole

“A little bit goth, a little bit prog rock and a lot dark”

-willamette week

“I had been at clubs watching other bands performing. The singer would give a shout out to a couple of members from Dirt Jake Replicas who were also in the crowd. The fans in the room would explode with applause. Dirt Jake Replicas? I had never heard of them, yet they drew applause even when they weren't playing. That says something. “

-pacific northwest music scene

“Stirring, intensely performed grunge-cum-performance art module.”


“It is the male/female vocal delivery combined with the tight varied guitars and drums which makes this debut single really inspiring and stand out from the pack.”

-sonic dice

“this first bid for world domination is a pretty promising start”

- the country times

“dirt jake replicas are nothing if not ambitious.”

-willamette week

“Heavy, deep, emotional art rock from this Portland 5-some who take their two biggest influences (Pink Floyd and Tool) and create something epic. lots of meat and potatoes.”

-dagger magazine

“Dark and dramatic... Serious music for serious people"

-classic rock society magazine

“‘Part I’ is one of the best post-rock songs to be released in a long time. “

- die shell suit

“really soars to a crescendo.”

-tasty fan

“sit back and enjoy.”

-rock eyez

- by 20 various reviewers


debut album released 10-05-07
EP set to release in summer 08
DVD set to release in fall 08
new full-length album set to release in winter of 2008

we have radio airplay on progressive stations in:
-The Netherlands
(for information on these stations please contact info@dirtjakereplicas.com)



dakota max - juneau, AK - vocals
ashley beard - portland, OR - vocals/piano
joshua ash - buffalo, NY - guitar
adam gurr - west palm beach, FL - bass
julius panimdim - los angeles, CA - drums

"All the instruments are sublimated to the total sound of each
composition, all directed towards a single effect, so it’s hard to single
out individual performances; the highest praise I can give the musicians,
in fact, is that one doesn't so much hear the specific instruments as
grasp the totality of each piece."
-Gerald Wandio of Dutch Progressive

in 2006, dirt jake replicas,a newly formed group consisting of five
strangers from all four corners of the united states, began writing 12
minute art rock epics that have been said to be "fantastically original!;
Beautiful, dramatic, dark, climatic and fiery.;(music ) that causes me to
reflect upon myself and exactly what it is I am doing in this life." (Alex
Romero-Rock Alaska Records; Rachele - Pdxpole; Soup - Crave.)

dirt jake replicas have already received e-mails from countries such as
Finland, Mexico, The Netherlands, Quebec, Brazil, Indonesia, and the UK
asking for permission to use their music in radio programs. in a response
to the attention they have gained from these countries, they have decided
to do a 21 date spring tour through the entire United Kingdom, which they
are currently planning all on their own. this june tour will be in support
of their debut self-titled cd, that was released in October of 2007. the
71 minute disc was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Seattle, WA with
producer Brin Addison (smashing pumpkins, chris cornell, smashmouth,
indigo girls). the whole process was completed in just ten quick days and
was again setup, financed, and released all by the unsigned band.

but if planning an overseas tour and recording their debut cd was not
enough, dirt jake replicas have decided to take it a few steps further.
within this year they plan to release an EP in summer, a DVD in fall, a
full length follow up to their debut album in autumn, and also setup a
special return home concert with a 30 piece choir! Please contact info@dirtjakereplicas.com with any questions or info.
thank you.