Dirt Leg

Dirt Leg

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Dirt Leg combines musical elements from all genres to create an entertaining live experience. With influences ranging from classic rock to modern electronic, Dirt Leg creates a unique organic sound. Whether utilizing samples or creating beats from scratch, Dirt Leg is sure to captivate the audience.


Dirt Leg is an electronic music duo consisting of members Nic Owens and Bryan Crow. With musical influences ranging from classic rock to modern electronic and hip-hop. Together, Nic and Bryan create a completely unique and spellbinding style of music. Instead of conforming to modern hip-hop and electronic styles, Dirt Leg creates music that cannot be pinned to one genre.


Singles: "Sky's the Limit" "I'll Call You" (available for download) "Riding With Wyatt" "Never Be Free (I Will)"

Set List

Between 12 and 15 original Dirt Leg tracks, approximately 1 hour in length