Our original music incorporates influences from our songwriter, Mark Sweat, who has been playing and listening to music for four decades. We like to think of our music as Dylan meets Pink Floyd meets southern gothic rock extreme meets jam band, all tied together by a twang of Tele......


Dirtnap is a 3-piece band led by the powerful, driving, percussive acoustic guitar of lead singer and songwriter Mark Sweat and the searing, soulful electric guitar work of Josh McKenzie. These two best friends are the core of a band playing original music incorporating influences from decades of listening to all types of music. The third member is drummer Alex Hoefer who is formally trained in jazz, rock, and other genres and plays in a truly original style and manages to sound like two percussionists playing at once.

Together, these three make music that will seem familiar to you and may remind one of anyone from Pink Floyd to Bob Dylan, to Neil Young to The Drive-By Truckers. You may hear a hint of ol’ Merle Haggard as well.

Dirtnap does not use a bass player live and either Mark, Josh, or friends play bass if needed in studios. The rhythm section of percussive acoustic guitar and a full onslaught of drums create a unique sound with no place to hide weak music! Josh switches from in-your-face twin humbucker guitar riffs to beautiful telecaster pickin’ all in the same song!

Powerful, energetic stage shows are the hallmark of their performances. Nothing is left on the stage at the end of the show! The audience knows they have seen three souls give all they had to make for a memorable experience.

Dirtnap plays original songs written by Mark that come from somewhere deep in his sometimes-troubled soul. His stories come from events and places as diverse as Baghdad and Birmingham. Stories of life and death stem from his time in the military and as a paramedic. Topical, serious poetry sung by a southern bred man not afraid to let his deepest feelings show.

The cover songs performed by Dirtnap tend to be somewhat more obscure than the mainstream. For instance, they perform “Coming into Los Angeles” by Arlo Guthrie that gets turned into a major improvisational jam before returning to the song structure. Several of their covers serve as vehicles for extended jams. All in all, a great mixture of selected cover songs that Dirtnap makes sound like Dirtnap.

If you want to hear some refreshing songs presented in a different format, I urge you to give Dirtnap a listen. Their demo CD is just a teaser for the all originals album they will be working on soon.


Singles available for listening on www.myspace.com/wearedirtnap

1. Melancholy Madness
2. Subterranean Tombstone Blues
3. Don't Cry After Me
4. Deep Down in the Depths

Set List

In addition to the list below, we have another list of "songs in the vault" as we call them which we can play anytime (classic rock and country blues)

Current Song List: (* denotes original song)

Sick to Death *
I Killed a Man Today *
Ball & Chain
Dress Blues
Don’t Cry After Me *
G Minor Jam *
Goin Down the Road
For What It’s Worth
New Minglewood Blues
Real Live Bleeding Fingers
Melancholy Madness *
Subterranean Tombstone Blues *
Dead Flowers
Quick Am Jam *
Coming into Los Angeles
Thrill is Gone
Tracks of My Fears *
Folsom Prison Blues
Walk Softly
Deep Down in the Depths *
If She Mentions Me *
Tangled Up in Blue
Arabia Jam *
Sympathy for the Devil
Wash My Soul Clean *
You Ain’t Going Nowhere
Knockin on Heaven’s Door
Straight to Hell
Honeysuckle Blue