Dirt Road Hotel

Dirt Road Hotel


With influences that range from the Clash to Dwight Yoakam, Dirt Road Hotel has carved out a country sound that truly blends the barn and the beach. Punk sounding hillbilly guitars mixed with steel guitars and southern drawl, define Dirt Road Hotel in a way that sets them apart from any other band.


Dirt Road Hotel was formed in early 2008 after founding members Brian McComas and Brian Bonds met through a mutual friend. Their first meeting was just to write, however, quickly they found their interests in music and beyond were to similiar to just let it be a one day writing appointment. Soon, they turned their writing appointments into band rehearsals and it did not take long for them to get into the studio to record what they had been writing and rehearsing. With multiple influences, and both Bonds and McComas professional backgrounds, they had a full schedule in 2008 , playing various music festivals, fairs, casinos and have done very well on the college circuit. They will continue their busy schedule into 2009 and beyond. Be looking for the new Dirt Road Hotel album in the coming months!


Brian McComas

Brian grew up in the Ozark Mountains as a fan of all music, but was influenced by his surroundings, mostly through country and rock-a-billy. He chased those influences to Nashville in the late'90's, leading to a recording contract with Lyric Street Records. His first album release charted him 4 top 40 singles, the most notable being "99.9% Sure (I've never been here before)" and "You're in My Head", both being top ten singles. They acheived top5 status on the video music channels as well, putting Brian in the position to tour large venues. He did just that, doing arena tours with major Nashville acts and playing continual clubs and festivals under his own headline status. He followed up his first project with a critically praised second release that also charted two singles. He used this group of songs to add industry respect to his commercial success. Known as a hard worker who always gives everything he has on stage, Brian has entertained hundreds of thousands of country and other music fans and continues to balance the critical respect of a unique artist with the commercial success of a pro. Now, he continues to tour live as he works on his first career band project, Dirt Road Hotel.

Brian Bonds

A true hotshot guitar slinger, Brian started working in bar bands at the age of 14. He played with several local artists in Miami before relocating to Atlanta, where he signed an indie label deal with his hard rock band, The Brian Bonds Theory. When that procect ended, Brian toured nationally with Atlanta-based artist Bain Mattox. He then moved to Nashville in 2006, where he immediatedly made his mark as an innovative and versatile guitarist, touring with contemporary Christian artist David Phelps and country star Chely Wright; in fact, Bonds nailed down the Wright gig on his second day in Nashville!


Debut CD to be released in early 2009!

Set List

A typical set is geared toward the needs of the venue. We can do an entire night of all covers, ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Johnny Cash, or an entire night of our own originals. A good mixture of both is sometimes called for!