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"South By Southwest Diary: Day Two"

Austin, Texas' annual South by Southwest (SXSW) is a music and media conference offering industry-related panels and presentations, as well as more than 900 acts performing in more than 50 venues over the course of four days (March 12-16). Billboard.com senior editor Barry A. Jeckell is in the state's capitol for the event, and will file a daily diary detailing new artists and shows in Austin.

As a music fan's playground, SXSW and Austin lived up to their promises yesterday (March 13), as acts tried to entice daytime audiences out of the sun-drenched streets and keep tiring nighttime revelers out until the wee hours.

The event, which served as the formal introduction of Nokia's very cool, MP3 capable 3300 series phone, also featured a headlining set by V2 act Burning Brides, and sets by local artists Wideawake and Endochine.

Austin's own Dirty Wormz were yesterday's most enjoyable surprise, delivering a devastating rap/rock set at a Nokia-sponsored gathering at well established 6th St. nightclub Antone's. Recalling the power of Ice-T's initial foray with Body Count in 1991, the unsigned group's MCs Smackola and Witch Doktor kept an early afternoon audience in rapt attention. Their masked four-piece band laid down heavy grooves as DJ Crash cut wax with skills equal to the genre's masters.

Crash and Witch Doktor told Billboard.com that they are planning to hit the road shortly to support their recently released independent debut, "The Infektion" (VMG Records). They hoped to catch the eyes of SXSW's fickle music industry community by staying "true to our sound. We know we've got what it takes," Crash said. "Now we have to let people know about it."
- Billboard.com

"Recommended: Music"

TONIGHT …Finally, tangible proof that the Austin Music Network can make a difference. One night a channel-surfing local music critic gets stuck on Channel 15, which is airing a scorching rock/rap video that leaps off the screen. He waits for the name to come up at the end, and it's Dirty Wormz, a local outfit he's heard good things about. He sees that the Wormz are playing tonight at Steamboat. He recommends that you go. Enough of you do that the band makes money and the club makes money. This is how AMN's supposed to work. .110 E. Riverside Drive, 707-2628. - Austin American-Statesman

"The Dirty Wormz Invade Houston"

Dirty Wormz....I've heard tales about this band and finally saw them live. They're a mix of Hip-Hop/Rap with a bit of Rock on the side. Smackola is the only dude not to wear a mask. The masks are a little frightening, kinda Satanic if you ask me. The guitarist had an inverted cross on his bicep. RUN AWAY!!! Ha ha. They put on a kick arse show, lots of cussin' too. Werd to your Mutha...Pure Evil. I liked them. If you love hip-hop/rap, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better band than Dirty Wormz. The band is Infektious, so be warned. The Vallejo Bros. (Vallejo Music Group) produced the DW debut album The Infektion. Watch their tour schedule and be sure to see these guys when they're in H-town again......or else. - houstonbands.net

"Smackola from the Dirty Wormz"

Hello Austin, and welcome to this months 'cause for pause' interview featuring Austin's own diRTy WoRMz. With spring just around the corner, we thought we'd get a jump-start on one of Austin's greatest events of the year. Yes, that's right, the Live Music Capitol of the World's yearly celebration of local and national talent in the South By Southwest Music Conference. SXSW (March 17-21) consistently brings great live shows to Austin and provides local acts with a chance to show off their talent…and the diRTy WoRMz definitely have talent. Without further ado…we give you the push behind the shove…lead vocalist, Smackola of the diRTy WoRMz!

TAG: Tell us how you got the name Smackola.

Smk: Well, I am always talking smack and since I am part Hispanic, one of my friends said "Hey that's Smackola" and it stuck but everyone just calls me Smack.

TAG: Smack, give us some background on yourself.

Smk: I started out as a solo rap artist in Sacramento, CA and started coming to Austin in the mid-nineties and made Austin my permanent home in 1998. As a solo artist, Run-DMC was my inspiration. Run-DMC continues to inspire me in my latest venture with diRTy WoRMz. I always dug Run-DMC's loud and in-your-face style and it fits perfectly with my musical tastes and performance personality.

TAG: Tell us about the diRTy WoRMz sound.

Smk: Many people have dubbed our sound as Street Rock. It is Rap, Rock, and Hip-Hop all mixed together to deliver an old-school rap and hip-hop sound with the thunder of the heavy metal bass line. Kind of like Run-DMC meets Rage Against the Machine.

TAG: Word on the street is that you guys give one hell of a performance.
Tell us more…

Smk: I have always believed that the stage performance should reflect the personality of the band. I believe that setting yourselves apart from other acts is vital to the recognition and success of the band. diRTy WoRMz is loud and outrageous and this is reflected in our act. Our characters wear a multitude of costumes that include Phantom of the Opera style facemasks as well as gas masks, and hooded shirts. We opened up for the Scabs a couple of times and scared the hell out of some people at first but by the second song they were getting into it. Just check out the videos on the website or better yet come check us out one of our live shows

TAG: So Smack, give us the 411 on the diRTy WoRMz.

Smk: The diRTy WoRMz are made up of Smackola on lyrics, DJ Crash on the turntables, the live band is made up of Chris Allen (of BANG), Sander Hickerson on guitar (Dallas' Throttle Rocks), Darrell Phillips on bass (formerly of Sister 7), and last but not least, Sonny Sanchez on drums (ex-Sunflower).

TAG: Tell us about the evolution of diRTy WoRMz.

Smk: The diRTy WoRMz was brought together in 2001 when DJ Crash and myself were in search of a new sound that integrated an MC and Hip-Hop DJ music with heavy metal sounds. We were at Vallejo's house during the recording of an MC Overlord bit and introduced the idea to Alex and AJ Vallejo and the next thing we knew we were in the studio jamming and the chemistry came together like it was all meant to be. Within no time we had our first album "The Infektion".

TAG: I hear that Roy Jones Jr. has been involved in the project. Elaborate on
this for us.

Smk: Our debut album The Infektion, was released on VMG/Waay Foul Muzik and executive produced by Body Head Entertainment which is the label founded by boxing champ/music mogul, Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. is a personal friend of mine and determined to see us succeed. Roy is a great person and really enjoys helping aspiring artists achieve their goals.

TAG: We understand you met someone that was really able to help diRTy WoRMz put the finishing touches on the debut album.

Smk: Yeah, we ran into some girls that knew engineer and producer Dwight "Dwizza" Baker and the next thing we knew, we had an experienced co-producer that really believed in our idea and helped us give birth to our
debut album.

TAG: We have had the opportunity to check out your website www.dirtywormz.com, and we must say that it is very well put together and offers a plethora of information. Tell our surfing readers what they can discover.

Smk: Sander Hickerson has done one hell of a job producing and maintaining the website. It has everything you could want in a website for a band. It includes online CD sales, song samples, videos, tour dates, band background info, and lots of pictures of our loyal fans as well as a few from our Penthouse Men's Club gigs.

TAG: Smack, we want to thank you for doing this interview and giving our readers some insight into one of the hottest acts around.

Smk: No problem, I just want to let everyone know they won't be disappointed in our shows, so come check us out. As well, our CD's are available on the website or they can order over the phone at 1.888.606.MUSIC. Keep it greasy ya'll.
- TexasAdultGuide.com


CD: The Infektion (2003)
DVD: The Epidemic (2004)
Singles: "Top Of The Food Chain" (2004)
"Greazy" (2005)
Videos: "2 Inch Reel Killa"
"Here We Go"
"Talkin To My 40 oz"

"Turn It Up", "Wig On The Pig", "Greazy" and "Talkin To My 40 oz" streaming audio available on dirtywormz.com

"Top Of The Food Chain" was top requested and played song by a local artist in 2004 (# 33 overall) on KROX-FM (101X) in Austin, TX. The song has also received airplay on KLBJ-FM in Austin and KTBZ-FM (94.5 The Buzz) in Houston, TX. "Greazy" is currently receiving airplay on 101X, and "Talkin To My 40 oz" and "Two Inch Reel Killa" have received airplay on XM Satellite Radio (top two most played songs on the Unsigned channel, w/o Oct. 22, 2004).



The story of the diRTy WoRMz began in the summer of 2001. Smackola was an established solo rap artist, and DJ Crash was a member of his Waay Foul Crew. After recording several hip hop discs for Body Head Entertainment (founded by champion boxer Roy Jones Jr.), Smack and Crash decided it was time to get heavy.

So they hooked up with brothers Alex, AJ and Omar, who play in one of Texas' hottest rock acts, Vallejo. The group started collaborating together with Dirty D to create what would become the World's Most Dangerouz Soundz.

Six months later, they went into the studio with renowned producer Dwight "Dwizza" Baker and came out with a blistering combination of Rap, Rock and Hip Hop: "Street Rock". The Infektion was started and diRTy WoRMz was born. With a shocking visual presence, a relentless beat, and a sound like a sucker punch to the gut, the WoRMz were poised to take over the airwaves and stages across Texas and around the world.

Since the Vallejo bros had their own thing, it was up to Smackola and DJ Crash to assemble a band that was true to the sound and attitude of diRTy WoRMz. With Dirty D (bass)and the Witch Doktor (?) already on board, the WoRMz recruited Jax and Sanman on guitar and Chico on drums.

The new band cut its teeth in early 2003 by playing a series of shows at the dearly departed Steamboat club in Austin, TX. The group went through numerous disruptions, personnel changes, and more than a little interference from the Texas Department of Corrections, but through it all they kept the sound and attitude that is the diRTy WoRMz. dWz has spread The Infektion across the great state of Texas, kickin over venues in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to rave reviews.

diRTy WoRMz were recognized as Best Hip Hop Band at the 2004 Austin Musica Awards, and their video "Here We Go" won Best Urban Video at the 2004 Austin Music Network Video Awards.

The next challenge for diRTy WoRMz will be to continue winning over fans from Texas and beyond, while producing new material that reflects the diverse backgrounds of the band members while staying true to the dWz sound. Proof of the WoRMz' evolution can be seen at their incendiary live shows, with new songs like "Glock Burna" and "Live Wire", plus plenty more to come.

So pop your colla and holla, put the wig on the pig, and keep it greazy, cuz dWz is gonna get all y'all's ass INFEKTED.