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"Dirty5Thirty - Itsnotgonnabelikeitwasbefore"

"Chapel Hill's own Dirty5Thirty has purposely produced a very lo-fi record that leaves a mark on the southeast hip-hop community. It's not unusual for a group to fuse jazz, reggae, and hip hop, but Dirty5Thirty pulls it off extremely well, at times letting the listener forget that it actually is a hip-hop album."

Kenneth Gambill
- Performer Magazine

"Chapel Hill musicians' blend is better than Starbucks"

" I still can't get over how this band merges so many sounds into one unifying symphony. More than that, I truly admire Dirty5Thirty's ability to accomplish this in an industry that's so willing to give in to the mainstream just to make money."

Joseph Minnich, Staff Writer
March 30, 2006
Album review for ITSNOTGONNABELIKEITWASBEFORE - The East Carolinian

"Redefining Hip-Hop: Dirty5Thirty play the beach crowd"

"As long as the band continues to combine multi-genre jams with content-filled lyrics, they are assured to garner attention everywhere they go.
...be prepared to take a long look at what you thought was hip-hop."

Katherine Latshaw - Encore Pub

"Multitalented Dirty5Thirty achieves stone-cold fusion"

"Dirty5Thirty is a hip-hop/funk fusion group that formed in Chapel Hill. With two MCs, two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, the group blends lyrics with open jams to fully embrace the fusion moniker."

Stan Feldman
Star-News Correspondent
- Wilmington Star News

""Unique and Exciting Sound""

"Dirty5Thirty is what happens when an acoustic jam session gets some funk and an infusion of hip hop vocals. Solid lyrics, rhythm, and excellent instrumentation all combine to allow this band to carve out their own niche in the music world."

Brian Dukes
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Up & Coming Weekly - Up & Coming Weekly

"Faces In The Crowd"

"...this may be the new path onto which music is heading. They have compiled all of their musical expertise together into what could be a whole new genre all of its own."

Jason David Lloyd
The East Carolinian - The East Carolinian

"The Great Eight"

Dirty5Thirty "is the missing link between hip hop and jam bands."

David Menconi
Music Editor
News and Observor

Dirty5Thirty was chosen to be one of The Great Eight local music acts in the Triangle. - Tne News and Observer

"8.5 out of 10"

"...Innovative music and tight flow."
- Pucknation.com

"Review - "Itsnotgonnabelikeitwasbefore""

"...there's an obvious three-part chemistry evident among Greensleeves and Geno Eaves and their tight backing band, an impeccably tasteful rhythm section providing a perfectly grooved framework for Josh Gangway and Zach Warkentin to ease sly, high-treble, arpeggiated guitar lines into the mix. A handful of instrumentals showcase their prowess, and--more importantly--a knack for experimenting with texture. Sleeves and Eaves are respectful emcees, too, managing complicated time signatures and twisting internal rhymes on nearly every track."

Grayson Currin - The Independent

"Chill Hop"

"This may be the birth of a new genre of music; a new niche that will, once again, bring the world spotlight back to the southeast. It wouldn't surprise me ... these guys are really that good."

Brian Dukes
Arts & Entertainment Editor


— Single: What?! • B Side: Vertigo (Planetary Alignment)
Stage Presents- 2004 EP



Style: funk - hip-hop - groove
Currently Touring: the American Southeast
www.dirty5thirty.com / www.myspace.com/dirty5thirty

Dirty5Thirty is a four member, organic hip-hop group from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They are proudly "multi-genred" and borrow liberally from influences in funk, hip-hop and psychadelia. Their "rap-attack meets jams" (Independent Weekly) style has been touted as The Roots meets Soulive. A demonstration of these influences can be seen in, "ITSNOTGONNABELIKEITWASBEFORE", the band's first full length LP (3/2006).
Furthermore, Dirty5Thirty is accomplished, having played over 100 shows at more than 30 venues in two years. They raised over $2000 for the Lineberger Cancer Research Center at UNC-Chapel Hill through the creation, promotion and planning of "Project Elevation," an eight band festival held in April of 2005.
At the moment they are maintaining a busy performing schedule throughout the American Southeast.