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Dirty and the Derelicts
Satan's Seed
Dirty and the Derelicts won't go away. They keep releasing new material and playing shows for little or no money. I tried to tell them that David Geffen isn't interested in signing them but they refuse to stop making noise. You will not find Dirty and the Derelicts on the Warped Tour, and their CDs are not on the shelves at HMV. Dirty does not snort coke from the backsides of supermodels and the Derelicts are probably only several pay cheques away from being homeless. If you see them panhandling on the street, don't be stingy. Better yet, buy the fucking CD because it rules and you don't.
- Chris Walter - Chris Walter / The Nerve Oct 2007

Dirty and the Derelicts
The Derelict Effect
By Rob Ferraz
November 19, 2002

A bit of twang, some crunchy guitars and plenty of party favours are jammed into this CD. Dirty Swagger and his fellow Vancouverites are all about the excess. Although it's somewhat uneven, these 12 tunes are soaked through with cigarettes, booze and sweat. You can tell there's a whole lot stuff going on among their influences, from punk, garage, rockabilly, country and more. This is catchy in the way that bar bands can be when you've had three too many and there's another pitcher on the way. And even though they're likely better to experience live, this could liven up any party.
(Exclaim Oct. 2002)
- Exclaim October 2002

Dirty and the Derelicts
The Derelict Effect

Hard driving guitar riffs and a real gritty garage sound are what these guys deliver. Catchy like the Queers, but less punk, more rock. If you like your rock n roll dirty and your beer cheap, then you might just be caught seeing these guys while drinking at the Cobalt and liking it, godamnit!
Cowboy Texas
(The Nerve Aug. 2002)

Dirty and the Derelicts
The Derelict Effect

- The Nerve Magazine Aug. 2002

Oooooooooh, Dirty and his buddies Red Dogg, Greasy and Dizzy Slip are here. No matter that this CD has the same effect as finding out somebody drank all of your beer. No, cuz they play the dirty and this CD is called The Derelict Effect. Derelicts don't tuck in their shirts. This CD is untucked shirt rock. Have you ever met a derelict? Have you ever seen a derelict's CD collection? Probably sloppy,live fun. You can probably see them down the street. They're local. (www.dirtyandthederelicts.com)
Robert Dayton
(Terminal City Weekly Oct. 4-10, 2002)
- Terminal City Weekly Oct. 2002

Ready to rip it up
Thurs/Sat June 27/29
Queen's Hotel

Dirty and the Derlelicts are a bunch of solid musicians ready to rip it up. They have a wide range of influences that contribute to their eclectic style of punky blues-rock. With screaming lyrics, crunching licks, a deep groove, and some wicked percussion, these guys are out to blow the roof off any venue.
(Express June 26, 2002

- Express June 2002

(From Naughty Camp 2003 Review in The Nerve)

Dirty and the Derelicts sounded right at home playing in a a barn with their cross-breed of Deliverance and southern fried rock geetar and ragged redneck vox.
Sarah Roland
(The Nerve Oct. 2003)

- TheNerve Magazine Oct. 2003

Absolute Underground
Vol. 2 -#6 Issue 12 October/November 2006
By Emily Kendy

“I was playing bass in a Vancouver punk band. It was moving kind of slow, I stole the drummer from them and started up Dirty and the Derelicts. We put an ad in the Georgia Straight, punk r-a-w-k. Greasy responded.”

Dirty is filling me in on the history of the Derelicts at an outdoor table at the Cambie, as we wait for the rest of the band to show up. His Mohawk is floppy and green and his is chain smoking while we dip into the first of what will be countless amounts of pitchers.

“We had one other drummer for a time, Mike. He quit because we teased him about being gay.” Dirty continues. “He was wearing a Lush t-shirt and had his hair dyed pink and he had a handlebar mustache. He was really homophobic so he got really upset and quit the band before the second Naughty Camp. We hired Dizzy then he decided to move to Calgary a couple months ago because he fell hi love. Girls, jobs, or drugs that’s what wrecks bands. Then we got Blake (Grubby).”

Dirty and I were once in the same journalism program, at Langara, and we were the only two in the class who were kicked out, one semester before graduation, due to our inability to show up to some “important” classes. I didn’t really know him back then and thought he was a quiet stoner. I was never more shocked than when I first saw the band at the Asbalt, after their Dirty Jinas tour (with the Jaded Jinas). There was “quiet” Dirty, dressed in drag, with tiara and lipstick (a drunken bet) belting it out with his fellow drag-costumed band members, throwing down some of the most aggressively rhythmic rawk this side of Highway 97.

“I’d given up on music before journalism school and then at school I met a guy named Shawn Ryan who played bass and we started a band called The Royal Lush and that got me back on music. A lot of songs from the first Derelict album (The Derelict Effect) were actually Royal Lush songs.”

It seems apropos Dirty found music through his failed attempt at journalism and I found…er, Absolute Underground through my failed attempt at journalism. But I digress. The rest of the band straggle to the table, most looking as though they’ve just rolled out of bed, or gotten up off the floor, wiped the drool from their chins, and stumbled down to their favorite watering hole.

Their new album, Satan’s Seed, recorded by Red, guitar, follows their 2004 sophomore effort, The Usual Way. All that’s keeping them from completion is the band’s relentless perfectionism.

“Yeah, we need filler,” says Dirty. “ We’ll write a couple of crappy songs.”

“For the Usual Way I had a pretty crappy studio set up, at the time,” says Red. “Two inputs, mic'd the drum set with three microphones,” he says. “Everything has a little bit of white noise underlying it, so when you turn it up real loud there’s a lot of white noise.”

“He’s definitely learned a lot in the last three years,” says Dirty.

As for how much the rest of them have learned through recording…it’s debatable.

“(I’ve learned) How bad I am,” says Grubby, drums. “I don’t like it, yeah. I’d rather play live shows. That’s where the fun is.”

“Every one always tells us our albums don’t do us justice,” says Red. “They see our live show and they’re like, wow.”

“The music is best when you’re pissed and having a good time,” says Grubby.

“Like your roommate,” says Greasy, bass.

“We were just having a practice the other night,” says Grubby. “And the next thing I look over and my roommates jumping around like a monkey, smashing beer bottles. Don’t print this by the way.”

“Print it,” says Red.

“Print it,” says Dirty.

“His name’s Steve,” says Greasy.

“He’s a great guy,” says Grubby, looking nervous.

“He puked on an ice cream truck later that night,” says Red.

“That’s a true story,” says Dirty. “He saw an ice cream truck and chased it down, started honking the guys horn and then he threw up.”

On any given day in the Derelicts world there is random beer bottle smashing, vomiting, busking and public debauchery, a place in Oregon called the Samurai Duck, that boasts a rice wine made from snake venom and of course, the odd dress-up-in-drag moment or two.

“That was the Jaded Jinas’ fault,” says Dirty. “We always take bad advice from girls. They lead us astray.”

“Root of all evil,” says Greasy.

“I felt hot,” says Dirty.

“Especially this guy here,” says Red, pointing to Greasy.

“I felt alright,” says Greasy, looking uncomfortable.

Someone in the crowd who was at that show mentioned afterwards that the Derelicts set sounded more rockabilly than punk. I ask the band how they feel about this description of their sound.

“Agree,” says Dirty.

“Yeah, country…” says Greasy

“It was never really intended to be but that’s just how it happened,” says Red.

“I was raised on country,” says Dirty. “I like the single note riffs and the story telling of country music. Country people tell sto - Absolute Underground


Catalogue available through the link below.



Dirty and the Derelicts, Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Starting in September, we will be touring across Canada, from Vancouver to Charlottetown and back before embarking on our European Tour to support our upcoming album, "Satan's Seed", to be released August 31st, 2007

Writing and playing catchy little trash pop gems about life on the skids....


The Skids are Alright - April 2001

The Derelict Effect - June 2002

The Usual Way - August 2004

OD Compilation Release
"Oppression Disco" - April 2007

"Satan's Seed" - August 31st 2007

HISTORY: Hi. I’m Dirty Swagger, and this is a brief history of Dirty and the Derelicts as I remember it. We started in 2000 and played our first show on Halloween at a place on Hastings called the Web Café We cleared the place out pretty fast. It was a party to celebrate the end of the film school year. Well, they did it! They graduated film school! Our bass player Brent, who attended and graduated the school, and put on the show, celebrated too! He was too drunk to remember a single song or stand up properly! (If you live in BC, Canada, you've probably seen Brent in many commercials. He and his wife had a son a few years ago and, from all reports are doing well). I took over the bass and called Danny (The Rainspider) up to finish the set.

Who's Danny "The Rainspider"?

Danny is an amazing songwriter from Vancouver, BC that I had the opportunity to play with in 99/00. His bass player went tree planting and I stepped up to fill the gap. We became friends from our days playing the open mic nights at the (now defunct) Broadway Express at Commercial and 12th in East Van. Danny was an amazing songwriter, but he was an amazing tinkerer as well. After six months of playing, he was honing his songs by changing them from week to week. It was more than a drunken, attention challenged rawker could handle. I recruited his drummer Mike for our "side project", Dirty and the Derelicts. That was at the end of August, and as I've said, we played our first show Oct. 31st.

So that's how we started...

We had to let Brent go pretty quick, as I booked our next show at the Cobalt for the end of November 2000. Brent had a lead in a local theatre production that would keep him busy for the next couple of months. Mike knew Graham (Lugger, Liver and Onions) who was available to play. Dirty and the Derelicts live on!

We played our shows and recorded our first 3 song EP "The Skids Are Alright" with Matt Walsh on Dec. 20th, 2000, with a fourth song added Mar. 20th, 2001. During that time, we recruited Mike "Red" for lead guitar. And on we played, beefed up rawk n' roll.

Next we got the slot at Naughty Camp 2001. I LOVED Naughty Camp in 2000! I can't understand why there aren't more shows like that. Camping and Rawk, debaucherous heaven! So you can imagine how upset I was when five weeks before the festival, our drummer Mike suddenly quit.

At the time, Red was a water boy. He delivered H2O to the thirsty masses of the Lower Mainland. One of his co-workers was alleged to be a wicked drummer. Red inquired, “could you learn enough songs to play a rawk festival in a month?”. Chris "Dizzy Slip" was evidently up for the task. He learned a full set three weeks before Naughty Camp, and we had never sounded better.

When Dizzy joined our group, he brought with him an impressive legacy of heavy metal. When we met him, he was playing in FM Rock format bands such as My Blue Heavy. We tried to make him understand that the classic BOOM-CHUCK-BOOM-CHUCK of punk and country was usually enough, but Dizzy put his undeniable mark on our band over the years.

If you've listened to our music, and if you've read this much you probably have, our music is pretty simple. If you can count to four....

And that kind of frustrated Liver and Onions...

Graham kind of longed to play in a more math rock format... Fugazi, No Means No, etc. That was a goal that he couldn't achieve with Dirty and the Derelicts. But to Lugger's credit, he left the band gracefully, playing all our committed shows, plus a few others while we indoctrinated our new bass player.

Which brings us to Greasy...

We put an ad in the Georgia Straight, which stated, "Dirty and the Derelicts need bass player. Punk Rawk. Call Dirty ***-***-****. Mike "Greasy Wormlips" reluctantly responded. We had numerous responses from the ad, from which Greasy was placed fifth on a list of potential bassists. (first come, first serve). From Greasy's opening question, “do you guys.... uh... drink?”, we realized we had a kindred spirit.

Greasy played in numerous unknown punk bands, the most notorious being Gwailo, a band from whom we've stolen many of our best songs.

From that time in 2002, Dirty and the Derelicts have recorded two albums, (The Derelict Effect, 2002 and "The Usual Way, 2004"), and toured western Canada and the U.S.A. We've played more shows than we know, m