dirty bandits

dirty bandits

 Los Angeles, California, USA

We are Dirty Bandits, a down to earth, hardworking, home grown rock band that have that new yet familiar sound. Think of us as a slice of rock music glazed with indie/punk and sprinkled with some psychedelic/funk with soul/disco on the side. Come take a taste of the music we have to offer.


What began as a whim from our guitarist (Vince) led to the creation of the first incarnation of dirty bandits. This four piece group garnered much interest and thrived playing shows and constantly bringing a large crowd. Alas, tempers and the pressure of the music business and outside influences caused the band to implode. Leading to the two year hiatus.

The second incarnation of dirty bandits is what you see before you. A stripped down, more mature, hungrier and stronger three piece group. As a three piece group, dirty bandits has been playing shows all around southern California.



DB EP - our first ep, with live recordings from our performance at the Viper Room on the world famous Sunset Strip.

Shadows EP - our first full-studio recorded EP, with three tracks recorded an produced at Abbot Kinney Studios in Venice, California.

Set List

Oh my gun
Perfect image
No more heroes
Not your man
Kids of kids
Out of place
They want machines
Train off the tracks
The Empire
Progress kills
Dead end
Hello! Cruel world