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Dirty Black Halo

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE
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"Raw with Dirty Black Halo"

See URL, as this is an interview. - Frank Alfano/Standard Tuning Magazine

"Beyond Ariose / Dirty Black Halo / Full Flight / Shallow Mindz"

Dirty Black Halo just released Burning at the Edge of Dawn, an album of hard, dark and ballsy alt rock with a metal edge and a lead singer whose shrill howl is reminiscent of early Ozzy. - Creative Loafing Tampa


The single, As Night Falls, (2010) written for the Pop Gun Pictures horror movie of the same title, accompanied by a music video filmed on the set of the movie with scenes of the film intertwined within.

(2012) Burning at the Edge of Dawn (FnA Records release)
(2008) Thanks for the Tragedy (independent release)



Dirty Black Halo is a hard rock band from Tampa, Florida. The band was formed in 2005 by guitarist Jerry d’Paoli and lead vocalist John Hale after deciding to create a musical project focusing on original material. The current lineup is: John Hale (v), Jerry d’Paoli (g), Dino Florez (g), and Dave Hasler (b).

After collaborating musically for many years, John Hale and Jerry d’Paoli realized that to make an impact meant to change their musical direction. They began to re-evaluate their initial band, Shift, and decided to create original hard-rock songs that would complement their party nature; Dirty Black Halo was formed. They immediately began to work on their debut album by re-working and refining songs that were being played live and wrote new songs to complete the package. Dirty Black Halo self-released their first album, Thanks for the Tragedy in 2008. With tracks such as, “Fuselage,” “Sinister And Down,” and “Punk Rock Chick,” they took their stage show to the public opening up for Skid Row, Ace Frehley, Metal Church, and other notable acts. Joe Davison of Pop Gun Pictures approached Dirty Black Halo to contribute to the soundtrack of his upcoming film, Experiment 7. Several songs from Thanks for the Tragedy were used throughout the film and this would solidify a working relationship with Pop Gun Pictures. After performing approximately 100 shows per year and completing a lengthy tour that included playing in venues such as Jannus Landing (Live) and The Whiskey A Go-Go, the band decided to take a break and re-group. It is during this time that Jerry d’Paoli and John Hale began to brainstorm and create ideas for what would become their second release, Burning at the Edge of Dawn.

The approach that was taken to writing the new album was to compose songs that would fuse the raw rock sound of their previous album into a heavier production. Wanting to push the envelope and delve into “darker waters,” songs that became “Fantasy in Flesh,” “Chains,” and “Path to Madness” began to take shape. Shortly into the demoing process, the band was approached by Joe Davison once again to contribute a track to his upcoming horror film, As Night Falls. Instead of presenting a completed song or a work-in-progress, Dirty Black Halo decided on writing a theme-specific track for the movie which, subsequently, also ended up on the album. An accompanying music video, “As Night Falls,” was released on YouTube shortly before the release of the film. After recording and mixing the tracks for Burning at the Edge of Dawn at Polysound Studio and having the album mastered at Marsh Mastering, Dirty Black Halo’s second album was released in the spring of 2012 by FnA Records. The release of Burning at the Edge of Dawn couldn’t have come at a better time. Armed with new material, Dirty Black Halo was chosen to open up for artists such as Ozzy Osbourne/Slash, Rammstein, Bang Tango, and Adler’s Appetite.

With the advent of the production of “As Night Falls,” a series of videos would follow that would continue to showcase material from Burning at the Edge of Dawn. Pop Gun Pictures would step in to produce them for YouTube release. The video for “Fantasy in Flesh” was shot in an empty warehouse over the course of almost two days and featured Alex Vincent from Child’s Play. It features the band playing to a group of women who firmly believe they cannot be broken by rock.
The next video to be produced, “Agent of Destruction,” tells the story of an entity hell-bent on causing evil and of the being trying to stop him. Shot in two days, this is the first video to feature guitarist, Dino Florez.

In an interview with Florida Entertainment Scene Media in January 2013, Jerry d’Paoli and Dino Florez stated that, “It’s the next stage of evolution for Dirty Black Halo…” and “In short, this may be our best work yet.”
Dirty Black Halo is working hard on their third album scheduled for release early 2014.

Dirty Black Halo is signed to FnA Records.

Dirty Black Halo and its members are currently endorsed by Dean Guitars, dDrums, DR Strings, Black Diamond Strings, and Stash picks. Closed endorsements include Basson Amplification, Snap Jacks, and Halo Guitars.

Dirty Black Halo is managed by SBE Music Group LLC (321) 632-7170 SBEmusic@aol.com