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Dirty Bombs

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"CD on Songs"

The city is a flashy, fast-moving place full of hustle and bustle and all kinds of hoopla. Dirty Bombs brings this sound to electric neon life in "In Every City," a flashy, high-speed drive through a brilliantly lit night scene. The lights in this track are bright and powerful enough to warm the skin, and the motion is paced as such so that the wind will cool off the warmed areas.

This track’s jaunty pace has just a little bit of accented swagger to it, granted by the slight, switchy hesitation around the edges of the measure. A flashy synthesizer line hearkens not so much to the future, but the futuristic visions of the 1980’s, where the future sounded like analog brass ensembles. The shimmery synth line colors in the dark edges of the track with a little glinty goodness, slicing through the rhythm section yet remaining a part of it nonetheless.

The motion in this track is contagious, in that it is nigh impossible to hear "In Every City" and not start to rock a little bit yourself. The slickly hooky chorus slips in and out of the song like it knows all the secret entrances and entrances, and the power amps up and down with no stalling, stuttering or ‘sploding. This track thrums with nervous, nightbound energy that translates well through the mix as well as the composition. - Boston Band Crush

"Show Crush"

Tomorrow night Boston supergroup The Dirty Bombs will grace the stage (and superb sound system) of the Brighton Music Hall with their presence. It is a usual trajectory for songwriters to work in a collaborative group which becomes successful, then break up and start solo projects that are shadows of their former work. This band is the opposite, where frontmen of groups at the top of their game have united to work together. The chemistry is beyond doubt. Right out of the gate they have put on great shows. They were recognized as one of the best acts in town almost immediately after putting out their first recording. Sometimes I think that the sound of this band is something like what would happen if the New Order songwriting machine worked with some really accomplished vocalists. That said, they have a sound that is uniquely their own. Their track “In Every City” was the subject of a <="" a="">, from which the track can be downloaded for a taste of what they will be doing at the show.
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<="" a="">They will be followed by Cincinnati’s Pomegranates and Denmark’s The Figurines.

This show was originally scheduled for June 10 but was changed due to Visa issues. The venue has indicated that all original tickets will be honored. - Boston Band Crush


PROTIP: If your band’s lineup reads like the character select screen from some outlet-mall Mortal Kombat ripoff, like Blood Fist or Flesh Fight, then you pulled off a fatality on this ole Calendar Czar’s heart. The Allston-based Dirty Bombs, spamming low kicks at Great Scott this evening, consists of members Darkness, Shinobi, Word and Robo, so they’re pretty much looking perfect coming out of round one. Come for their ragna-rockin’ fallout-shelter dance-party vibe, stay for Robo’s finishing move. No spoilers or nothing, but as a head’s up, the first few rows are just gonna be soaked in pixels. - The Weekly Dig

"Show Crush"

What’s that you say? You haven’t been to the Brighton Music Hall yet? What’re you waiting for, a free last minute show packed with mind blowingly awesome local bands? Well I guess your wait is over, because that’s exactly what they’ve got going on tonight.

Newly minted supergroup Dirty Bombs will be on hand, blasting out rapid fire riffs in their quest to dominate the world. Formed late last year, they were actually one of the last bands to play Harper’s Ferry before it’s conversion to the shiny new Brighton Music Hall. Then there’s Gene Dante and the Future Starlets; formed by combining equal parts Hedwig and Steve McQueen, they’re set to take the middle slot. Dante croons like like he’s fronting some demonic, glammed up rat pack, packing his songs full of sly jokes and innuendo. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s incredible, spy show inspired project will open up the night. Sophia is one of the nicest people on the planet, but once she gets behind the drum kit and starts singing she becomes a monster, capable of anything. She scares me, and I like it. This show came together pretty quickly, so there’s a chance we’ll see some other special guests as well. So that’s it, you’re out of excuses (Don’t try to use the snow either. This is Boston, eff the snow). - Boston Band Crush


This Friday, just in time for the supposed apocalypse, local dance rock group Dirty Bombs will be dropping their first single “In Every City” and blowing up the stage over at The Pill.

In Every City starts with orchestral strings that immediately feels cinematic in tone, eases into a synthy beat then ignites with the dance rock we were looking for. If you feel like dancing your way into Judgment Day then you can’t wrong with spending the night with Dirty Bombs. Click on the arrow to download it into your computer gadget of choice. - The Weekly Dig

"In Photos: Dirty Bombs"

The Next Generation of New England Rock: Ian McCarthy (Conservative Man), Jason Dunn (The Luxury), Nick Post and Ryan Magnasco (of Televandals) are Dirty Bombs. The band played a hugely popular live set at the Ryan's Smashing Life / Boston Phoenix live showcase at Great Scott on Thursday Feb 17th. Thanks to the camera work of RSL Photo Editor, 5342 Studios - you are getting these photos of one of the region's (predictably) great new sounds... - Ryan's Smashing Life Blog

"PGB Track Of The Week #62: Dirty Bombs- C4 Miles"

Dirty Bombs is an amalgamation of some amazing local talent, all of which have been heavily featured on the pages of PGB in the past. The band consists of Luxury frontman Jason Dunn, the Conservative Man himself Ian McCarthy, and former Televandals Ryan Magnasco and Nick Post – click the links to see past coverage on each band! The guys got together over the summer, just finished up their demo on Tuesday, and already have a gig lined up at Harpers Ferry for next Thursday opening up for Freezepop, Plushgun, and Ad Frank! Here’s the details – you’re not gonna want to miss this debut show! - PlaygroundBoston.com

"Dirty Bombs (members of the Luxury, Televandals, Conservative Man) "Lights Up""

In 2010, perhaps the only proper way for a new local supergroup to announce its arrival on the Boston scene is to roll hard into the monthly Rock n’ Roll Social at the Model Café. That’s what Dirty Bombs did last night in Allston, passing out a few fresh-out-da’-oven demos to get us all excited over their debut show next week at soon-to-shutter, soon-to-be-reborn-as-a-geographically-mislabeled-music-hall, Harpers Ferry. It worked.

Comprised of the Luxury mastermind Jason Dunn, recent Philadelphia transplant Ian McCarthy of Conservative Man — whose 2009 sparkling synthpop jam “The Heist,” a former Phoenix MP3 of the Week, remains a must-hear — and the defunct rhythm section of Allston electro-punks Televandals, Nick Post and Ryan Magnasco, Dirty Bombs seem to have carefully blended all the pieces of their previous bands into one giant musical Voltron.

This morning they passed along to us an early demo of “Lights Up,” which of course is not to be confused with Boston rock band The Lights Out, who coincidentally were also at the Sosh last night debuting their new CircumVision-directed music video for “Gottagetouttahere” (which you can view here courtesy of the Music Slut). “Lights Up,” however, is nothing short of a freight-train alternative-rock beast that slightly recalls the better shades of early Stone Temple Pilots but with a sharper, more fuzzier electronic edge, carried by the robo-frantic post-punk drumming of Magnasco and McCarthy’s penchant for glowing synth loops and patches.

So in addition to the metallic rock glide on the surface, there are several electronic elements at play here, and they all add up to a sound that should be right at home at Harpers on Oct. 21, when the band debuts on a blipped-out bill with Freezepop, Plushgun and Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women. But hey, don't wait for next week, get the mp3 below.

Read more: http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/onthedownload/archive/2010/10/13/mp3-dirty-bombs-members-of-the-luxury-televandals-quot-lights-up-quot.aspx#ixzz1XlI9guGh
- The Boston Phoenix/On the Download

"MP3 Of The Week: Dirty Bombs, ‘In Every City’"

Last month, "On the Download" premiered the first MP3 from Dirty Bombs, a Voltron-esque local supergroup featuring members of Televandals, the Luxury, and Conservative Man. Their collective mechanical roar persists here with "In Every City," a blistering post-millennial rock joyride that opens like an explosion, breaking at once into its electro-disco chorus before bouncing along through seas of fuzzed-out synths and thumps while maintaining a vicious alt-rock edge.

The relocation of former Conservative Man vocalist/programmer Ian McCarthy to Boston from Philly earlier this year was our finest heist on the City of Brotherly Love since the Bruins acquired Dave Poulin in 1990 - McCarthy's School of John Titor songwriting vision makes Dirty Bombs a definite local act to watch in 2k11.

They crash the House of Blues front room on November 26 with indie lads Midatlantic; in the meantime, snag the "In Every City" MP3 here:

Read more: http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/onthedownload/archive/2010/11/24/mp3-dirty-bombs-in-every-city.aspx#ixzz1XlIasfgs
- The Boston Phoenix/On the Download


"Dirty Bombs"- 4 song demo, released for promo only 10/10. received consistent local airplay from WFNX, WZLX, WMFO, WMWM.

"In Every City" - 3 song single, released 5/11. received local airplay from WFNX, WZLX, WMFO, WMWM.

"Alpha Transmission" 5 song EP, to be released 10/11.



formed in the summer of 2010, Dirty Bombs are a press-proclaimed "super group" of Boston area musicians:

Ian McCarthy (frontman/songwriter from Conservative Man)
Jason Dunn (frontman/songwriter from The Luxury)
Nick Post (bass/guitar/vocals from Televandals)
Ryan Magnasco (drums/vocals from Televandals)

drawing from each of their previous bands' sounds, the band quickly developed a tightly-knit sound of brit-pop/electro-punk/dance-rock that caught the attention of the city of Boston within 2 months of their existence via a 4 song demo.
since then, the band has released an official 3 song single, played wildly successful local shows, and received glowing press reviews.
currently, the band is set to release their debut 5 song EP "Alpha Transmission" this fall.