Dirty Bottom

Dirty Bottom

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Dirty Bottom is a collaboration of reggae, jazz and soul, underscored with a trip-hop groove. Al Green meets Massive Attack meets Sly Stone for a backyard barbeque at the home of the Meters.


Vancouver based Dirty Bottom is a collaboration of reggae, jazz and soul, born out of the diverse musical backgrounds (and widespread geographic histories) of Langston’ Bella Coola Reggae’ Raymond, Brennan ‘Vancouver Jazz’ Saul and Shawn ‘Toronto Soul’ Hall.

The trio names Al Green, Massive Attack, Sly Stone and the Meters as major influences. Langston Raymond includes '70s musicals on his list (his favourite being ‘All That Jazz’), Shawn Hall lists the entire Staxx label catalogue and Brennan Saul-the only band member without an alias-cites jazz drummers Mel Lewis, Gene Krupa and Stevie Wonder as inspirations.

This diversity is the backbone of their unique sound. Shawn Hall is a Peace Corps kid who grew up in Toronto. The multiculturalism of his neighbourhood exposed him to a wide range of world and ethnic music.

Langston Raymond was born in Jamaica and raised in the tiny BC coastal valley of Bella Coola. Even in the wilds of BC, Langston grew up on diet of reggae.

Brennan Saul attended North Texas State and graduated with a diploma in Jazz Studies. After graduation, he toured Asia and North America with several jazz combos before forming Dirty Bottom with Hall and Raymond.

The self titled ‘Dirty Bottom’ studio album dropped in October of 2007. The album immediately met with fantastic reviews across the board. From Victoria to New York, critics were raving. A tour to promote the album took the band all over Western Canada. Dirty Bottom was showcased performance at New Music West festival in Vancouver in the Spring of 2008. Played the Discovery Coast Music Festival and Shambhala in the summer. The independent Album Doc Ramone and Corduroy Kid Present: Dirty Bottom charted in Earshot from April to September 2008 and was voted the top 25 albums of the year at CFBX 92.5. For the new Dirty Bottom will be playing in Vancouver at many live venues including Falconetti's and working on new material for the fall. The band is currently fielding offers from festivals all over North America and will be updating their 2009 tour schedule as dates are confirmed.

Dirty Bottom is:

Langston 'Doc Ramone' Raymond : Guitar, trumpet, keyboards and vocals.

Shawn ‘Corduroy Kid’ Hall : Bass, harmonica, keyboards and vocals.

Brennan Saul: Percussion and drums.

Collaboration is the ‘bottom line’ with this jazz, reggae, soul, funk collective…

Guest artists on the album and during live performances include:

Poet Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm - lyric contributions
Kilo Cee - DJ, Scratching, Beat-box
Serwan Yamolky - Oud (Middle Eastern Guitar)
Chad Makela - Baritone sax
Edan Armstrong - Percussion
Mike Ackhurst – Vocals, animated lyrics and stage antics
Bianca Carli – Vocals, suggestive themes and performance art
Laura Crema - Vocals, smoky stage-presence and jazz diva 'oomph'

What the critics are saying:

“Funky fusion heads digging on albums such as Guru's Jazzmatazz would do well to check out this mega-smooth, super-tight and tasty local crew. Shawn Hall, Langston Raymond and Brennon Saul lay down dynamite grooves while an assortment of singers, players and MC/DJ Kilo-Cee layer on the love for songs such as the Middle Eastern tinged "Feel" or spliffed-out "Beep-Beep." With no shortage of ideas, textures and styles, it just kills live.” - Stuart Derdeyn – Vancouver Province

“Vancouver band Dirty Bottom are working on their Bachelor's of funk, soon to be graduating with honours. Big, fat basslines and fluid, rolling beats make up the backbone of their incredibly tight, danceable, sexy sound. These guys are insanely funky.

The album plays like a live recording, but with impeccable levels and a few nice effects chucked in over the jam. It's raw, but it's not rough; smooth—with a capital "smoo. When you see them live, expect to dance—this is not chair music, it's dirty funk full of bottom-shaking grooves." —Matt J. Simmons – Monday Magazine

The vibe is like King Tubby meets Blue Note at an East-Vancouver BBQ with celebrity chef James Brown. A template of call and response playfulness embodies their live show. - Global Rhythm Magazine

Dirty Bottom is also available for weddings, bat-mitzvahs and funerals.


Speak My Name

Written By: Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

I can’t stop thinking about the way the sky touches the earth
And how the whole world is wet and lush and alive and my heart is
Pounding, like I am walking through boreal forest
Your tongue a fish jumping in my mouth
I wait awestruck, on the edge of sleep’s escarpment
Dive into cold sky
Tossing and turning

Spinning in sheet white clouds
Remembering what you said
Every word entangled around my arm, my legs and hips.
Man of letters, pulsating words and streaming sentences
I am dreaming consonance.

Dreaming my body a question mark
If you were here with me now
Where would I put my fingertips, tongue tip, dark red lips?
Man of illumination talk to me of volcanoes
Hot lava, erupting, flowing to the sea.
Talk to me of stars shooting across the
Dark belly of sky

Of root pushing and straining into black loam
The thick damp smell of muskeg
The meaning of these open mouths
Oh dark sky covering this rich red earth
Speak my name


Written By: Mike Ackhurst

Ya know you’re goddamn right! I turn left on the turnpike
I’m spurnin’ and learnin’ it don’t serve me to be nice!
{death by cell device}
“I had to dry clean it, I totally seen it Regina!”
Learn, man, when will they learn?
All these little cars gotta take they turn.
Like smacked-out hippies on a VW trip
Let’s all calm down a bit!

…what the @#$$% was that!?
You gonna break swerve to the hell and back
You gonna get it when I feed it you need it {yaaaw}
Titty top daughter can “swallow my meaness and eat it”
Learn HAH gotta calm down
So I can calmly bomb this town
Then I keep a booty gigglin’ in a tight brassiere
I gotta stop ( a women has just been sited)

To fly better calm down
To high better like
Whoa oh-oh-oh
To fly better
Very cute girl in a very tight sweatah
To fly better calm down
To high better like whoa
To fly better “dirty bottom” sides now the butt get Fattah

Now I’m on the inside track leavin’ them back
With a @#$ and a %$# and it goes like that
Devil’s on time honey dipped in fat
Grannie in the mini bumpin’ fade to black
And I merge on the 1 and it’s pilin’ back
And trhough the tunnel and funnel anxiety attack
And I’m pickin’ my nose and grinding my teeth
Diggin’ for the water bottle under my seat

“Beep-Beep” cont’



Pole sana, said it wasn’t your mariquana
Big bag green like iguana to bad you gonna jail now
Goto jail now bwana!

I drive slow, that’s how I roll
A true Zee to bee no-one to blame but me
93.5 still played out like”whocanit be…”
Now turn the keys, I’m beggin you please
Mad fodder with the starter and it’s starting to weeze.
That is the sound of the man cold walkin’ to the train

Now I’m on the inside track

A little Piece

Written By: B. Carli

When your world is full of gloom

A little piece of me shines through

To help your spirits bloom

A little piece, a little, little
A little piece, a little little

It’s deep inside your heart

A little piece of me exists

Abiding through

Fear in lies that scar

I’ll be forever true

That little piece….

Nothing can replace oh no
That little piece of me
Forever constant through
Time and space

A little piece a little little.

Waking Hour

Written By: Akiwenzie-Damm

In my dreams (in my dreams)
I am walking moonlit land,
Over shadows
Down the highway of tears

In my dreams (in my dreams)
Please momma take my hand
Darkness fills me
In the waking hour

There’s a man and a long road I travel
So much pain descends
RED is the colour inside of my head

The touch of his hand
Burns like fire, I walk on coals
The memory of my sisters
Brutal songs of sorrow
Brutal songs of sorrow

Red rivers flowin’
I was callin’
Name’s I can not hear (faces I can not see)
There’s nowhere to run
I Twist and Turn (there’s no-where to run)
In this spider’s web

I wanna go home
What is it that holds me?
Fear, Reality or Dream
Momma please wake me
How many more must be lost
Down the highway of tears?

Lovin' Stew

Written By: Raymond/Carli

Eye-ed like to cook you up some dinner
A dinner just for 2
Been a long time
Such a long time
Puttin' up and shuttin' out (so I'd)
Better beef it up for u
Dinner cookin' for 2

(B. on phone in pop-up bubble)
" I think I will comply
to your desire
To feed my curiousity
I'm feelin' so inspired
So inclined...
...bite sized funky stew."

L: A little bit here
B: A little bit there
L: A little bite here
B: A little bite there
L: A tiny bit
B: A tiny bite
Both: a little bit everywhere

bop-bop-bah bah dop bah

Spoonful artfunk has gone missing
These criadillos just won't do
Minging ginger ribs
Will tempt you honey (ooh)
Gotta get back
Dinner cookin' for 2

(3/2 clave)
Slicin' and dicin'
and shakin' it
in my full on ghetto kitchenette
sweaty palm oils got my muscles all steamed up, whoah, don't want to
lose my appetite!

B: "I think I will comply
to your desire...."
(then out as parade passes by)

Delilah 4:20

Written By: Victor Young



Dirty Bottom Self-titled debut: 'Doc Ramone and Corduroy Kid Present Dirty Bottom'

Shawn Hall Independent Solo album as 'Corduroy Kid': 'Sleep Project'

Set List

Dynamic original grooves with sounds ranging from funk to reggae to jazz to trip-hop.