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Dirty Dan's Cool Rockin Daddies

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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"Dirty Dan Revs His Rock Engine"

"The Boyzz From Illinois" ruled the late 1970s Chicagoland rock clubs with an outrageous live performance that included twin lead guitar assults, a rolling (literally!) upright piano and lead singer who pole vaulted across stage using his microphone stand.

A biker band, the Boyzz were certainly one of the more outrageous rock 'n' boogie bands ever to hail from the Midwest and remain firmly engraved in the minds of anyone fortunate enough to have seen them perform.

Fronting the Boyzz was the charismatic Dirty Dan Buck, whose razor blades and whiskey voice was the perfect vehicle for the bluesy hard rock songs like "Back to Kansas," "Hoochie Coochie," "Destined to Die" and "Good Life Shuffle" that filled up their 1979 debut album for Epic Records, "Too Wild To Tame"

Most of those first album songs are part of the live set performed by the still vibrant and energetic Buck and the members of his new self-named group.

"We always do the first two Boyzz singles 'Shake It Up, Wake It Up' and 'Shady Lady' and of course we couldn't leave without doing 'Too Wild To Tame,' said Buck.

Tonight's Hobart Jayceefest perfromance will be Buck's first headline concert performance in Northwest Indiana in two decades.

"We opened for Cheap Trick at the Star Plaza a couple of years ago and we were part of the Katrina Hurricane Benefit at the Star Plaza last year, but I really haven't rocked Indiana in a long, long time, so I'm really pumped up about the concert. the whole band is,' exclaimed Buck.

Buck also will treat fans to a few songs from the Boyzz second album "Midwest Kids," which was never released in America to his disappointment.

While Buck still loves revisiting his wild past, he also enjoys seeing audience reactions to his band's new songs.

This writer's personal favorite is "Walkin' Walkin' Sexy Thing" which Buck has promised to perform live. Others which he plans to feature are "Give me new Love / Little Bit Older" and their rockin' treatment of the old Joe South tune, "Hush."

While with the Boyzz, Buck toured and became close friends with the likes of the J. Geils Band, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, Ian Hunter and others. Often stories of his rock 'n' roll adventures of the past pepper his current performances.

Ask him to tell you about when legendary actor Marlon Brando calling the president of the Boyzz record label about the "Too Wild To Tame" album cover, where Buck imitated Brando's famous promo shot from the classic 1950s motorcycle film "The Wild One."

By Tom Lounges / Times Correspondent - Northwest Indiana Times / nwitimes.com [July 1, 2006]

"Lost Souls - The Boyzz"

"Trouble on Wheels, brother. Formed in Chicago in the mid-70s, The Boyzz were a truly unique phenomena; an authentic trash-the-joint biker boogie band with long hair and leathers who just also happened to have a brass section that included a couple of members of Blood, Sweat and Tears. They released just one album, 1978's Too Wild To Tame (Epic), a doozy, a four-fingered blood bath of slashing metal guitars and bleating saxes that drove barn burners like Destined To Die, Wake It Up Shake It Up and Lean N' Mean right over the edge. Their live shows were legendary, and usually included at least one fist fight. It was mayhem. The good kind.... In 1999 Boyzz howler Dirty Dan Buck put a new version of the band together and opened for the likes of Uriah Heep and Kansas....the band (is) running running roughshod over the Midest as we speak." - Classic Rock Magazine [July, 2007]

"Chicagosrock.com/September 2008"

One of the best parts of summer for me, is the abundance of outdoor festivals that celebrate life and freedom in this great country of ours, with everything from local up 'n' coming artists to established national and international acts. On the beautiful evening of July 3rd, the eve of our Independence Day, I had the opportunity to see the legendary Dan Buck of The Boyzz perform in front of thousands at Naperville's Ribfest. Dan and his band had the daunting task of warming up the crowd for none other than Ted Nugent. Being the seasoned pros that they are, they took to the stage and gave a performance that will NOT be forgotten any time soon.

The band, made up by "Dirt" on lead vocals, John Abel and David Barhydt on guitars, Joe Gagliardo on bass guitar, Bob Blom ..boards, 'Wild' Bill Glisson on drums and the backup vocal team of Traci Cassa and Jean Dalleska, performed a variety of songs that included original hits that brought a smile and memories of "the good 'ole days" to many in the crowd who sang along, threw their fists in the air and cheered as if their lives depended on it. They also included a few select covers such as Deep Purple's 'Hush' and a medley of The Who's 'My Generation' and 'Won't Get Fooled Again' that increased the energy level several notches both on-stage and in the audience.

As the show progressed, they brought in a special guest. Performing 2 classic songs from "back in the day" was Boyzz guitarist Gil Pini, who joined "Dirt" and the band on killer renditions of 'Wake It Up, Shake It Up' and the fan-favorite "Too Wild To Tame". The performance was incredible and even Dan made the comment that it sounded "...just like the album". The crowd loved it. But then again, it was a cool, crisp, low (if any) humidity, with great food, friends all over and one of Illinois greatest bands on stage, ....how can you NOT love that?!? - Mario Salazar


It was my pleasure (as always) to team up with Goldie of Rock Art Chicago as we headed over the state border for the first time for a double shoot & double-header of awesome rock'n music! We headed up to The Brat Stop for a very memorable night of music featuring Dirty Dan Buck from the Boyzz & Tommy Holland of House of Holland. When this show was announced I don't think a lot of people understood the history in the making of this evening.

These are two bands that I have been educated about by my friends over the years. I have had the great pleasure to get to know & meet several of the members over the years. I don't think the history web behind these two legends has ever been fully documented & portrayed accurately in the music scene over the years. It's been described as "formally of" and "used to be". No coverage of the story or history behind it. It's kind of funny because here I am a youngster per say, who never had the opportunity to see these guys back in the day other than video footage & stories being passed along. But I find the story & history they made to be remarkable & fascinating. I could go on for pages & hours with the history & time line of all this. I'm going to be accurate but also try to keep it simple as possible! Are you ready!? Cuz this one can be a wild, crazy, insane rock n roll roller coaster to try to follow!

The Boyzz from Illinoizz were a "Biker" rock n roll band formed back in the 70's. The line up included Dirty Dan Buck (vocals), Mike Tafoya (guitar), Anatole (Tony) Halinkovich (keys), Dave Angel (bass), Kent Cooper (drums), & Gil Pini (guitar). They released the album "Too Wild To Tame" in 1978 for CBS-distributed Epic Records that included such hits as, Too Wild to Tame, Shady Lady, Back to Kansas & Lean 'N' Mean. They toured & performed with national acts such as Aerosmith, The J Geils Band, Meatloaf, UFO, Cheap Trick and REO Speedwagon. When I saw video footage of this band I was shocked! I have never seen it's equal! Dan was litterly hanging & swinging from the rafters of the venue! Back then keys, organs or pianos were not light! They were big heavy boxes. Anatole (Tony) Halinkovich would literally rock the keys! The entire box would rock back & forth! Towards the end of the set the entire thing would topple over! You though The Who smashing guitars was insane! You never saw The Boyzz on stage!

This is where the wild webbing began and the story unfolded! There was a 2nd Boyzz album in the works that got shelved, and shortly after Dirty Dan Buck and guitarist Gil Pini left to form another band called Dirt's Raiders. While the rest of "The Boyzz" morphed replacing Dirty Dan with vocalist Tommy Holland (of Steppenwolf) and down the road finding a new drummer, Steve Riley (of W.A.S.P. and L.A. Guns). The new line-up was renamed "The B'zz". After only being together for 6 months the band went on to be the only unsigned band to ever appear on American Bandstand. After which they signed with Epic & released the record "Get Up". The B'zz eventually disbanded and Tommy Holland went on to the Chicago metal band "Holland" in 1984 with Michael Angelo Batio. Holland only released one record for Atlantic in 1985 "Little Monsters". Their hit single "Wake Up The Neighborhood" was featured in the movie soundtrack "Girl Just Want To Have Fun". Holland after making a big impact on Chicago's Metal music scene decided to part ways in 1986. To the delight of their fans they reunited in 1992 and a re-recorded compilation of material from the Little Monsters sessions, "Wake Up the Neighbourhood" was released. They reunited again briefly in 2002 for a berief mini tour of the Midwest. Tommy went on to be a radio personality in the early 2000's for the radio station WIIL. In 2007, Tommy formed a band called Rock County, which performed southern rock music. In April 2008 due to management issues the band collectively morphed themselves into "House of Holland". Now performing some of their previous original material from Rock County, a few Steppenwolf tunes, and of course plenty of Holland songs. Their line up consists of Tommy Holland - Lead Vocals, Vernon Voss - Lead Guitar, Bobby Fields - Drums/Vocals, & Eddie " Shredd " Morris - Bass/Vocals.

So where in the hell was Dirty Dan during all of this? Dirt's Raiders disbanded in 1983 and he went on a bit of a hiatus. He wrote some jingles, did some commercials, got married and started a family. Then in 1993 The Boyzz were back in town!! Dirty Dan, Gil Pini & Mike Tafoya got back together. It was a good three-year run together but in 1996 they once again parted ways. Mike Tafoya went on to do his own project "Tafoya's Lost Boyzz". Dan wasn't done & still had the Boyzz spirit in him too - literally! Dan has been performing ever since as "Dirty Dan Buck of the Boyzz" with his band "The Spirit of The Boyzz". The band now consists of Dirty Dan Buck - Vocals & Harp, John Abel – Guitar, David Barhydt – Guitar, Joe Gagliardo – Bass, Bob Blom – Keyboards, Wild Bill Glisson – Drums, and Jean Dalleska - Backup Vocals. It has been dually noted that Dan's other back up singer Traci Abel who is out on maternity leave is very much missed on stage!

Nobody would have thought that over 25 years later Dirty Dan & Tommy Holland would be performing together on the same stage!! There was even a special surprise guest appearance & performance by drummer Scot Kelly of Dirt's Raiders! It's a Rock N Roll soap opera of sorts. It was a trip & half for everybody there. How do you review a show like this? I felt it was more important to give an explanation as to the history that made this night such an important one. It was a great night full of many humorous, memorable moments. I was very glad to say I was there to witness & be a part of it! The bands were rock'n, the beer & whiskey were flowing, and the choppers & Harleys were parked outside. But above all a lot more friends & memories were added to the rock n roll legacy that continues after all these years! - www.myspace.com/therockgoddezzsgossip

"The Secret History of Chicago Music; pivotal chicago musicians that somehow have not gotten their just dues"

"...Buck has put together a new version of the Boyzz, which has opened for arena acts like Uriah Heep & Kansas - and played a sold-out show last week at the House of Blues with UFO." - Chicago Reader - April 24, 2008


Tracks: 1. Too Wild To Tame 2. Hoochie Koochie 3. Wake It Up, Shake It Up 4. Shady LAdy 5. Back To Kansas 6. Destined To Die 7. Lean 'N' Mean 8. Dianne Part II 9. Good Life Shuffle
Tracks: 1. Overdrive 2. Who Do 3. Virgins 4. Good Bye To Jane 5. In His Room 6. Cruisin 7. Tonight 8. Him Or Me 9. For You Girl 10. Mid-West Kids.
Tracks: 1. The Raid 2. Precious 3. Give Me New Love 4. Little Bit Older 5. Bills 6. Walkin Talkin Sexy Thang 7. Give It Up 8. Who Do 2 9. Scream & Shout



Things are unparalleled in the Midwest. It's the simple things that mean the most there. Hard work and even harder good fun will always rank near the top for the blue-collar population where Dan Buck was raised.

With the wind burnt collar of his leather jacket turned up against the night, his brown hair now giving way to a more distinguished silver tone, his faded blue jeans comfortably fit, Buck's rough-hewn exterior recalls that of the neighborhood rebel, now grown up. When he straps on his battered guitar and hits those first arresting chords, you know this guy is the real deal.

Weaned on the hard-driving industrial-strength rock 'n' roll of Chicago's Fox River Valley, Buck has for three decades traveled the same well-worn regional highways that eventually lifted Bob Seger, John Mellencamp and Ted Nugent into the international spotlight. Critics from all around the Heartland - Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Toronto - point to Buck's riveting stage presence and proven ability to energize an audience and keep them in his sway as prime reasons for the success of his bands. The Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, Variety and Billboard magazines were among the major publications that noticed his talents as a leader.

Buck's emotion-charged vocals and fire-in-brimstone stage style led the rough 'n' tumble Boyzz from Illinoizz to record two albums for CBS-distributed Epic Records, A series of whirlwind tours followed that read like a Who's Who of Rock & Roll, which included Aerosmith, The J. Geils Band, Meatloaf, UFO, Cheap Trik and REO Speedwagon, to name truly, just a few. When that band's five year rein ended, he then formed Dirt's Raiders, which recorded an album for Atlantic Records and 2 other subsequent bands. The Original Sinners and Dan Buck's Small Change, both recording on Down & Dirty Records, a small private label owned by Buck.

Now Buck continues his search for the heart of Saturday night in his songs, championing the spirited lifestyle of youth, and preaching the timeless rock sermon in which he so believes.

Guy Arnston - Co-Founder of the Illinois Entertainer

Buck and his band which features Joe Gagliardo on bass, Scot Kelly on drums and Jimmi Perrino on keys and Tadd King on guitar are ripping up festivals, concerts and clubs throughout the region. Treat yourself to a rock hard experience you soon won't forget!

The following is a growing list of artists Dirty Dan Buck is proud to have shared the stage with: Aerosmith, J. Geils, Rush, Meatloaf, Ted Nugent, Richie Blackmore (of Deep Purple), Leslie West (of Mountain), Kansas, Steve Miller, Manfred Mann, Rory Gallagher, UFO, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson (of David Bowie), James Gang, Guess Who, Joan Baez, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Albert King, Dr. Hook, Dave Mason, John Lee Hooker, Creedence Clearwater, Blues Brothers Horn Section, Robert Palmer, Rick Derringer, Uriah Heep, NRBQ, Nazareth, Iggy Pop, Tower of Power, Karla DiVito, Cactus, Ellen Foley, Enuff Z'Nuff, Quicksilver, Brian Auger, Jon Hiseman's Tempest, Triumph, Joan Jett and Lita Ford (of the Runaways), Status Quo, Pat Travers, Steve Marriott (of Humble Pie), Michael Smith, Lefty Dizz, Detroit, Anne Hills, Judas Priest, The Doobie Brothers, Seether, Eric Burdon & the /Animals, Heart, George Thorogood, John Kaye & Steppenwolf,