Dirty Dave and the Deviants
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Dirty Dave and the Deviants

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"Dirty Dave and the Deviants"

On the first listen, “Flood Song” from Westside Pump Station (2008) takes this listener back, to a bit of the punk band sound of the late 70s and the 80s. That was the real stuff.
Dirty Dave and the Deviants certainly have the name to fit in this category, and the idea that their music sounds like “freedom” doesn’t hurt either. “Lionicide” is an interesting tune, to say the least. This one might even draw a few extra listeners in with its Brit-pop feel.
According to their Web information, “The initial workings of the Deviants started in Isla Vista in 2004, when Whiskers and Mik began playing in the seminal indie lounge band Dr. Girlfriend.” Nice start! Changes came with the death of drummer Lahd Addict and the seed of the group added Tony Romeo. Then along came Dirtius Maximus Davidus and the rest is still being written.
Web information states that the band members are: Lysol: Bass, Vox; Mik Meat: Guitar, Vox; Adam Carnage: Drums. Just check out this list of influences then decide if you want to dig deeper into Dirty Dave and the Deviants: natural disasters, gluttony, adultery, probability, Sex Dwarf, Silversexuals, Transvestite Prostitutes named Tommy, the Angry Samoans, Omar, Older Sisters, and Milk.
I sorta like “Sex Bomb.”

http://www.indieupdate.com/2008/09/12/dirty-dave-and-the-deviants/ - Indie Update


I got a quick listen of Dirty Dave and the Deviants’ debut album this weekend. They spent a good part of the summer in the studio recording the LP and I’ve gotta say it was time well spent. With catchy melodies, heavy drums, and Zweng’s memorable vox, the album is a for sure a keeper and I’m already on my third listen through the tracks. The band’s story is epic, with the lead singer / frontman purportedly jailed in a Ukranian gulag. “A semester abroad gone foul” and “re-education by labor” are the sparse words their usually garrulous bassist had for me. They’re playing at Beale St. Bar (see Venues section) near downtown next week (Sept. 13) to celebrate their album release. I don’t anticipate a dour party, even given Dave’s unfortunate circumstances. Cheers!

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"Westside Pump Station": 2008 independent release



One day a call from a frantic Ukrainian-English translator reached Lysol, bassist for Dirty Dave and the Deviants, with dire news: Dirty Dave has been imprisoned! The details were sketchy at best, but the information related was as follows: "The Ukrainian government is holding Dirty Dave on as-yet-undisclosed charges." Amnesty International has recently been made aware of the situation and the band is working in conjunction with them on a "Free Dirty Dave" campaign.

Dirty Dave and the Deviants formed on the shores of Isla Vista in early 2004, where Lysol and Zweng were attending college. In 2007 the two moved to San Francisco, met with Adam Shane and began laying the foundation for what would become the debut album. Consistently seeking the buried influences of their favorite bands led them to such disparate sounds as original bluesmen Django Reinhardt and Big Bill Broonzy, proto-punk pioneers like the Angry Samoans and Bad Brains, and countless other influences ranging from Dead Prez to Elliot Smith

The formative experience of Isla Vista living can be found in the subject matter, tenor and levity of their debut album. Whether the singer is relating his morning-after condition (“Suffocating On Cocaine”), enticing the hottest female audience member into a little backstage debauchery (“Sex Bomb”), or telling the tale of a sinful canine (“Cooper Love/No Leashes In Hell”) nothing is taboo with Dirty Dave and the Deviants.

An insistence on an unrelenting pace by all involved resulted in a CD that draws you in immediately and, 8 tracks later, spits you out, disoriented and half-naked, onto the pavement of the nearest metropolitan area. The album, Westside Pump Station, does it’s best to capture the mania of the group’s live performances. When in attack mode, the band’s machine-gun drumming, relentless bass lines and searing guitar licks back up a menacing figure that hops on his soapbox with a growl and a grudge. Not content with a singular sound, the band then switches up to fluid harmonies and coaxes the audience into a more intimate communion with the Deviant sound.

Having laid down the initial album, Dirty Dave and the Deviants have hit the streets of San Francisco, Oakland and everywhere the funk melts when it touches your tongue to press the flesh and get out the word.