Dirty Dick

Dirty Dick


A hard working band and pretty much very strong in what they believe in. love to play out and also love to hear a good song. Four guys that are in it cause they love it.


"Dirty Dick” is a hard rocking NYC band that’s a little bit rock/ pop/ punk/alt and good old New York Rock n Roll. This band was born in 2003 by Dirty Dick (Lead Vocals/Rhythm & Lead guitar). He grew up in the concrete jungle of New York City in Yorkville, with some songs already finished, some in the works Dirty Dick began to work on “Dirty Dick”.
In the summer of 2003 “Dirty Dick” began to take shape when Voos (Drums) stepped into the picture to help start the band until a permanent drummer could be found. Rehearsals began and in no time we had our first gig. Even without a bass player and second guitar player Dick knew it was now or never.
After their second gig Dick said, “I’m getting another guitar player and a bass player.”
In October along comes Sucio (Lead guitar) from Spanish Harlem. Sucio took up most of the load on lead but Dick didn’t give up all. Sucio ripped into the band and loved everything about it, and is in for the long hall.
With two pieces to the puzzle still missing “Dirty Dick” finally got Snatch (Bass/Vocals). Snatch joined the band a few hours after moving from Boise, Idaho. Now he is a Brooklyn cat.
With Voos departing the band “Dirty Dick” gets its final member this February, Big H (Drums) from Queens NY, and with the new addition it’s even better then ever. The man can bang on the drums!

Now its time to join us for “Nothing But Clean Fun” and play some Kick Ass Rock N Roll

Frank Fulleda
Dirty Dick
cell: (917)-570-5294
email: DirtyDick@DirtyDickNyc.com
website: www.DirtyDickNyc.com


2005 Self Title CD LP

Dirty Dick

Available upon Request

Set List

All Originals about 40 minutes.

You Like it!
69 Lover
For Him
Bye Bye Birdi
Hot Child In The City
Rampant Youth