Dirty-Dirt McGurt

Dirty-Dirt McGurt

 Anaheim, California, USA
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Hip-Hop infused with R&B, Funk, Jazz, Country, Rock, and many other styles of music....appealing to fans of all music types.


Dirty-Dirt McGurt is orginally from the small , dirt road town of Marksville, Louisiana. He moved to Southern California to pursue his dream of making music for the world to hear and enjoy. He has since traveled to and performed in Germany, Japan, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and all across the US. Dirty-Dirt McGurt's passion for music, and especially Hip-Hop/Rap, has inspired him to use Hip-Hop/Rap to unite the people of Earth. By infusing Hip-Hop/Rap with every style of music he can think of, including Country, R&B, Rock, Techno, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, etc, etc.. he has captivated Listeners by including "Something For Everyone" and thus creating a whole new appreciation and reputation for Hip-Hop/Rap as a Form of Music, Speech, Art, and Expression.


Once Lifted Twice Shy

Written By: Dirty-Dirt McGurt

Days Pass to weeks
Pass to months
Pass to years

Can't put my past behind me, No
Let it remind me so
I can breathe easy for now
At least I know

I can feel it in my soul
Beats my heart like rock n roll
Best buckle up because here we go
Been here before
Still I don't know
which way to go

Like the world is trying to break me down
3 times I tried
Once lifted twice shy

Once lifted twice shy

I've had better days than this
It's complicated when
Things go astray and it
Gets me down

At a time I felt I had wings
Flew higher than many airplanes
Til this world of corruption
Comes and breaks my functions
Can someone answer my question why?

Why we are once were lifted
Then we turned so shy
What else do I have to do
To make you realize

That the world is trying to break me down
3 times I tried
Once lifted twice shy

Once lifted twice shy

What it is
Don't get it twisted
What I did
I did admitted

Even if I ever told a lie
After I apologized

White lies on my wrists
But for what?
Do I deserve this?

Is this even relevant at all?
Head slammed against a wall
Catch me before I fall
I'm calling out

Somebody somehow
I'm about to break down
If you can hear me
Steer clear of my surroundings

Yeah I found me
So profoundly, I can see
3rd time is the charm
Or it can be strike 3

And thus it seems

Like the world is trying to break me down
3 times I tried
Once lifted twice shy

Once lifted twice shy


Dirty-Dirt McGurt's Debut Album, "First March" is available on ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, E-Music, Napster, etc.. "First March" features R&B stylings in songs like "Yeah I Heard That" and "Just A G", Funk stylings with songs like "Show Me How You Move" , Country stylings with live Banjo recorded and performed by Dirty-Dirt McGurt himself on "Crunked on Chronics", and even Rock stylings with live guitar and bass also performed by Dirty-Dirt McGurt on "Finish Him Off".

Set List

Sets usually run anywhere from 20 min. - 45 min. with every song introducing a new style and sound, so that no two songs sound alike, but all songs are unified with quick, fun, and witty Hip-Hop/Rap verses.