Dirty Earthlings

Dirty Earthlings

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From the underground to the light of day, Dirty Earthlings has honed its skills for several years scoring with a variety of internationally acclaimed songs under several names. Now the culmination of life expereinces has resulted in a Dramatic Turn of Events!


Dirty Earthlings began life years ago, when Text 1 was nine years old and Snuph B was six. Performing at the Take Back the Streets rally against gang violence, a trio of rappers stole the show. Every local television station in Denver led off the evening news with scenes of these rappers performing on stage and that began a journey of 21 years that has seen them score with songs under several names in markets around the world. Dirty Earthlings music is simple production with thought provoking lyrics for those who really love lyrics. D.E. shares the lifestyle of Vegas from the view of those who live it every day, sometimes, thoughtful and reflective, sometimes rough and raw, always on point. Always real.


The Mob of Las Vegas-Earth Tones 1994
This is for the Westside-BlokRokaz 1996
Kick Back-BlokRokaz 1995
Dramatic Turn of Events-Dirty Earthlings 2008

Set List

Sets are typically 45 minutes, all original songs