Dirty Egoz

Dirty Egoz

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With their punk attitude and ass-shaking up-beat music, "Dirty Egoz" stands out as the new fresh thing for 2013. Angry drops, groovy beats and a burning guitars, supporting edge cutting vocals, all forms this unique and breathe-taking performance, in which there is no escape from jumping high, getting low, screaming for more!


"Dirty Egoz" was formed by Lihot (Vocals) and Dumb Bunny only in April, 2013 but already been performing in major festivals such as "Vans Warped Tour" and "Lightening In A Bottle" while spreading the word of Dubstep, Trap, Dancehall and more.
The Duo released an EP in June 2013, named after the duo's name, "Dirty Egoz".


Dirty Egoz- Dirty Egoz, 2013 (EP)