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Originally born in San Antonio, Texas I moved to San Bernardino, California at a young age. At the age of six I got my love for music from playing with my mom’s records. My mom had me play records for her company. I was good at putting the records back in there covers I could read records before anything else. My love for music grew because of Michael Jackson and Prince because I wanted to become a dancer like Michael Jackson and a Musician like Prince. I was not scared to entertain a crowd; I would go to the park and entertain the crowd. When I was done everyone would throw change and dollars on the floor. This helped me at the age of eight build my confidence to become what I am today.
Hip-Hop just barley started to move to the west coast. When my uncles introduced me to it I started trying to memorize and recite the lyrics in an attempt to learn how to right bars. I was unsuccessful at this time but it was at this time that the music started to fill my head. At this time I started to feel the groove of the music listing to it more and more. My family was full of music from my Grandmother to my uncles and everyone in-between. It is because of this I got to explore all the genera’s of music learning more and more about it.
This was the beginning of the Hip-Hop era and the beginning of my dancing era. I started pop locking with my uncle and then I moved on to break dancing. I would go to Alpha Beta and get all the card board box’s from the trash and tape them together. With my friend Tony Wesley along with Richard Sams we started a breaking group. We called ourselves Break Unit, our sweat suits were black and red. We battled at the local malls, parks and the National Orange Show. I moved to Highland and break unit was no more but I did not stop I was battling on my own. The breakin’ craze was now full blown.
My move to Highland took me on another adventure. I made new friends and along with my breakin’ I began to Beatbox. It was during this time I perfected beatboxing and showing out for the entire neighborhood. It was then I linked up with Kiada Cleaveland me and him formed a group he was the rapper and I was the beat maker. Kiada perfected the lyrics and I began my journey of perfecting beats. Makin Music with my mouth. At the age of fourteen I carried my Boom Box everywhere never leaving the house with out it. Kiada and I tried to get in to the talent show at the boys club called the Crack Down but Kiada was scared of the crowd because he couldn’t dance so we didn’t make it in. My name went from Johnathan to Kool J this name was given to me by my homeboy Cool Hec C. The first Puerto Rican rapper that I ever met. He went on to do his thing and I stayed with Kiada.
At the age of sixteen I bought my first beat machine. It was then that me and Kiada really started putting tracks down. As the years went by we got better and better linking up with many different people none of them as driven as us until one day we met up with Lenny Blaze and the M.E.R.I.N.A.T.I.O.N Clic.
The M.E.R.I.N.A.T.I.O.N days evolved me from an ok beat maker to an Outstanding Producer and a young It was through M.E.R.I.N.A.T.I.O.N I met Feguo 1. Feguo helped me to truly understand putting songs into song mode were I had struggled with this over the years I now understood. I began to build my own studio piece by piece; through this I met different producers each one teaching me something new. I took bits and pieces from all of them to create the sound I have today. Over the next ten years I recorded different artists and began to scout out talent on my own. During this time I landed a job at the local radio station. It was here that the real learning experience began. My three years there were collage to me.
Over the next three years I began trying to make my way into the music industry. After one year I began to solicit my music to the Radio Station but because the long time PD and MD’s were scared of new underground talent my Music never got played despite my many attempts. I made there commercials and DJ’ed at clubs. I met plenty of stars and there managers still trying to break into the industry. I got no love because I was an Independent label. Everyone that herd my projects loved them. The tracks are banging, the lyrics are hot and the flavor is like no other. If I had a deal I would have at least ten top singles placing me at the top of the charts for weeks. After about three years I ended my collage experience and went off to do me. It was then I opened my own Clothing store and devoted all my time to mastering my own project. I purchased my own high tech cd duplicators and began duplicating my own music. I have the capability to duplicate 12,000 CD’s and or DVD’s in a week. My projects are finished and I am mashing forward all I need is a deal. To date I have completed four projects ARSIN, Matt Hamel, Q-Ball & B-Datt and then finally the master piece DIRTYFINGAZ Cut Tha Check and Distribute