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"Evanescence/Nerina Pallot/Jarvis Cocker/Dirty Fuzz- Our Round up of Singles Released Monday 8th"

Think rock ‘n’ roll has become a tad limp? Cock an ear to Dirty Fuzz’s Tell Your Mama (Indie ****), a Bellrays aping, rampant booze fuelled pleasure ride in which the sole aim is to put the sex back into rock ‘n’ roll. Mission accomplished. - John Jobling, Mansized

"Dirty Fuzz-Tell Ya Mama"

Hiding behind a sleeve that looks like the kind of '70s blaxploitation flick you used to watch when you were 14 and your Mum was out for the evening lies a pretty decent piece of funky, soul-heavy bluesy rock, actually.

Frontwoman Elida has been described as the "bastard daughter of Bon Scott and Tina Turner" and though the midwife has been turning the guitar solos up to eleven this isn't altogether something that should be held against Tell Your Mama. On a big stage, in front of an up-for-it festival crowd, this could really grow wings and fly. It's as big and blousey as the Afro haircut it's sporting on the cover, singalong enough not to be taking itself too seriously and, all in all, a great piece of feel-good rawk-out fun to bring a bit of sunshine into the dreary days of winter.

Their press release is trying desperately to align them with Wolfmother but don't let it fool you: they're better than that. - Jenni Cole- MusicOMH.com

"Dirty Fuzz- Tell Ya Mama"

Tell Ya Mama

Sounding for all intents and purposes like the band Jet desperately wished they were, Dirtyfuzz are a London based retro rock band with the energy, freshness and tunes to back it all up. A balls to the wall cocktail of dirty rock guitar riffs, foot stomping beats and infectious melodies - TELL YA MAMA, the latest single from Dirtyfuzz rocks with all the energy and attitude of a party held by Lynyrd Skynyrd and attended by AC/DC and Motley Crue.
Incendiary guitar licks, throbbing basslines and pounding drum beats keep things rocking, while frontwoman Elida belts out the vocals with all the gutsy bravado of Janis Joplin crossbred with Robert Plant.
TELL YA MAMA is four minutes of the most grin inducingly no-frills rock that's passed this way since the Kings Of Leon first entered Youth And Young Manhood. A winning combination of hard rock, infectious melodicism and raw balls to the wall attitude; Dirtyfuzz have the whole package.

- www.ukmusicsearch.co.uk

"UK Calling"

UK Calling
Music Story February 23, 2007
by Marc Savlov
"...Speaking of kickass ways to de-chrome your metaphorical tailpipes, Elida Zulu, the stunning-in-all-the-ways-your-mother-warned-you-about singer for London-based Dirty Fuzz can belt out AC/DCs' "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" while making your trousers uncomfortably tight in all the right places. "The love child of Bon Scott and Tina Turner," she fronts a bluesy wall of sound that invites comparison to Led Zeppelin at their gut-punch rock & roll peak...."

- The Austin Chronicle-Marc Savlov

"Dirty Fuzz"

By Jeff McCrary | Friday, March 16, 2007, 09:08 PM

Artist: Dirty Fuzz

Hometown: London, U.K.

Venue: Blender Bar at the Ritz, 8:00 p.m. Friday

Pre-Show Buzz: If AC/DC fired Brian Johnson and picked up Tina Turner, people would accuse them of copying Dirty Fuzz. Tough, unrestrained and very tasty, Elida Zulu is everything a lead singer of a dirty, whiskey-fueled, garage outfit ought to be.

High Point: Everything from licking the microphone to gyrating on the mike stand to the rowdy group effort during “Crash and Burn” — Zulu’s a diva in a rock band all right.

Low Point: The event was heavily sponsored by companies (Verizon, Guess cologne) that I now detest thanks to the massive film projector that played 12-feet-tall commercials throughout the show.

Post Show Buzz: I don’t know about everybody else but I was ready to let Zulu do with me as she pleased.

Afterthoughts: I felt sorry for the next guy to use that microphone.

- Austin360.com


EP Released as download only.
Radio Play:
XFM London, UK
Mental FM Brussels, Belgium
Performed on Legendary TV show Rockpalast, in Germany.

BBC1- Sept 08 Elida to appear in House of Angels



"...Speaking of kickass ways to de-chrome your metaphorical tailpipes, Elida Zulu, the stunning-in-all-the-ways-your-mother-warned-you-about singer for London-based Dirty Fuzz can belt out AC/DCs' "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" while making your trousers uncomfortably tight in all the right places

From the crowded and crumbling streets of London emerge a band with a brand of rock n roll as belligerent and inspired as the graffiti that informs the capital's walls.

Through the haze of dust-ridden, dirt-fueled guitars propelled by a primitive and unrelenting bottom end comes a vocal so steeped in soul and blues that it takes you to the very core of music itself!

The sound echoes tradition with sources from Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker to Led Zeppelin, ACDC and the Stooges. Add a little Tina Turner and James Brown to the vocal mix and you begin to understand Dirty Fuzz as a band.

Elida Zulu, the singer and temptress of the band has been described as the lovechild of Bon Scott and Tina Turner, and has previously written songs for Windswept Pacific LA, publisher of bands such as Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol and Nick Cave.

The combination of the music,inspired by brooding guitarist Andy Morrison, with Elida's vocals, has led to many interesting comparisons in the press. Art Rocker said that the band sounded like The Stooges fronted by Tina Turner, and XFM (London's leading alternative rock FM radio station) likened them to Guns and Roses with soul.

Dirty Fuzz played SXSW and they impressed the organiser of Popkomm Germany, Dirk Schade, who invited them to play at Popkomm , where they played the main venue Kesselhaus. The band also played the legendary TV show Rockpalast in 2007 ( Bands such as Guns and Roses, The Who, Radiohead etc have appeared on this TV show)

In addition to all the madness surrounding the bands progress, Elida also found time to perform lead vocals on the track "Everybody" on the new album from Basement Jaxx, "Crazy Itch Radio."

Having played both South By South West in Texas, and the Rockpalast TV Show in Germany in March, the band toured Germany and then entered the studios and recorded "Rocksploitation" that is set for release in Oct 08, through Shut Your Noise Records, their own Indie label.

Elida Zulu has just finished filming with TV station BBC One and viewers will get to see her in her nurse's uniform at the end of september!She will be one of the main participants in a documentary called 'House Of Angels'