Dirty Gold

Dirty Gold

 San Diego, California, USA

The concept for the band came from diverse sources. We were always intrigued with the idea of dirty money so naturally when joined with some african style guitar lines and the unavoidable influence of the ever-present beach Dirty Gold was born.


We are a band in high school out of San Diego, consisting of brothers Lincoln (18) and John Ballif (16) along with drummer Grant Nassif (17). We are inspired by the California beach scene in the 60's, rare African 4 track recordings from Zimbabwe and the like. We write about things that inspire us and try to evoke the emotions we experience.

For several years, we have all worked together in some sort of musical medium and have been trying to come up with music that fully represent us. Finally, all of our extremely varied musical influences came together into a whirlwind of sound and emotion, driven by the exciting beat of African drums. Combined with dreamy vocals and the drone of elusive harmonies, the Dirty Gold sound is complete.

Although we all can play different instruments as it is: Lincoln Ballif- Vocals, Guitar, Bass/ John Ballif- Harmonies, Guitar, Keyboards/ Grant Nassif- Drums, Percussion, Harmonies.