Dunnellon, Florida, USA

Great Riffs, Great Lyrics, Fun Time


Dirty Hammock is a alternative/hard rock band from Ocala FL.

Their "in your face" musical style right off the bat compels you to get up and move.
Burn, the first single starts off with a mellow feel-good intro and makes the mood, dont let that fool you however because they pull out all the stops and hit you in the face with a balls to the wall rock'n'roll song.

The singer, Henry Grady, reminds you of the old style singers from the 70's like Segar and Dylan, but wails with the ferocity of Weiland and Cobain.

On the drums, you'd be hard pressed to find a more intense player than Will Perez. He hits as hard as Phil Rudd or John Bonham with the methodical accuracy of Neil Peart.

Jason Monroe, the guitar player has the look of the kid next door that cuts your grass for 5 bucks, but on stage, he comes alive and makes the guitar scream. His harmonics are without a doubt the highlight of his guitar work, add that to the grunge sound and you have one helluva riff.
Take the rock'n'roll song and add a sort of jazzy bassline with walks and octaves and there you have Nick Attitude. He takes what could be a quite plain rhythm and breathes life into it with his clever hooks and on-stage energy.

If you get the chance to catch these guys live, expect to get out of your seats, jump about and sing along as the songs are catchy and will stick in your head.