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Dirty Hollywood

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Artist/Producer/Personality are just a few titles that follow this music Phenom. Dirty "Hollywood" counts his influence to music industry's great business minds such as Clive Davis, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons and Sean Combs and lyricists Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Will Smith, and OutKast.


"There is a movement in the hip hop industry today! As a producer, artist, and writer, Dirty "Hollywood" was raised on the edge of the mid rap era with artist such as Outkast, Jay Z, LL Cool J, and Dr. Dre. Early in his career, he decided to go straight to the people and make a deal without making a deal with a major label.

Born in Dallas, TX, Dirty "Hollywood" came from a lineage of musicians. It was only natural that he would follow the same path. Dirty has made his mark in the industry by being known as a man with many hats. Starting in the business side of music, Dirty was the Vice President of a major production company located in the Dallas area. He started to develop artist into what they needed to be in order to be the next big thing. Through Beta Entertainment, Dirty "Hollywood" has written and produced for artists of all genres.



The Red Diesel Project (BMG 2004)
Keep It Dirty - Exclusive (BMG 2005)
SKWAD Tour (BMG 2006)
Make Your Hustle (BMG/ Renavatio Productions 2006)
Hip Hop Bobbleheads (Grapevine Star Entertainment 2007)


Raw Recovery - Reality Television (Perfect World Produtions 2003)
The Session Pilot - Reality Television (Beta Entertainment 2006)
Drug Wars - Documentary (Renavatio Production 2007)

Set List

Dirty "Hollywood" takes pride in excellent showmanship. Each performance is customized for the demographic of the attending audience and preferences of the promoter.