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"Dirty Hun Depicts Classic Rap"

Featured on the song, "Make a Move," Dirty Hun depicts classic rap themes with a twist of physical and economic isolation: "Come to Charleston I'll show you the streets I walked on/... It's all HUD, welfare and public housing/Pain running through the valley stuck between these mountains."
- Charleston Gazette-Morgan Kelly

"hardest working rapper"

"D-Hun is one of the hardest working MC's in West Virginia."

- the gazz

"Gauranteed Catchy"

from the mixtape review of DJ Crazy Cris & DJ Monsta Lung's King of the Hillz mixtape

"..Dirty Hun's "fogged up" is a gauranteed catch as it grabs your attention from the get go." - RapMullet.com

"A for sure future"

"Dirty Hun has a for sure future in this game because of his work ethic and he understands what people want to hear." woody wood - Woody Woods (core dj's,98.7 the beat)

"Mixtape Review"

"Nobody"--lovin that, sick beat and chorus, Hun straight spiitin...also liked the placement of this as the first song, sets a nice tone...

"Apologies" (Production by 95)--this is for almost hell and heavy on the gas...i knew you made some nice beats, but these beats (and total song) are fuckin AWESOME...i thought the heavy on the gas was an instrumental Hun got from like a Paul Wall song or something...and the minimalisticness of Almost Hell, combined w/ that bangin guitar(?) one note sample or whatever...perfect for Hun, but then you let paycheck start it off w/ that growl "We the mufuckas straight grindin from the bottom..."...WOW...that just ain't fair...and Hun IS ridin both lanes on that Heavy on the Gas...wow...this is what spittin WITH the beat sounds like....a very smooth flow from Hun...

"Thur he Ain't"--this has been my shit since HUN posted it up on here...now i finally have a copy of it...

Same thing w/ White Man, Black Man...Hun really saying some personal shit, but really spittin at the same time...Prof $..well...i think i already reviewed this...this is top notch production and rhyming...

OVERALL, one of my favorite albums out of the DUB in a while...and it's just a mixtape! When's the Dirty Hun full length coming out?? That's 5 STRAIGHT BANGERS right there, where he's diversified his flow, approach and content, reflective, relaxed, introspective, hyper, plus, PLUS, they all sound cohesive, thorough...i can't say enough about how much i like this tape...the thing i prolly like least about it (sorry Hun) is that Ness is talkin when i'm anticipating hearing the next song...

I'm not sure Hun gets put on alot of peoples best in the West (Va) lists, but w/ making solid SONGS like this (i know i always emphasize making an entire song, but it's important)...he's mos def in the argument for my top 5, especially since some of them haven't put out music for a while (Doc, Nauseous, etc), but he's DEF in the top 10, or more like 6-7....quietly doin his thing, but if y'all don't keep up....he's gonna make a song called rearview talking about how y'all got left behind while he's growin and improvin...

--Riddlin - Riddlin' from wvrapscene.com

"Presence is Felt."

"Hun's presence is felt on all his verses and thats what made me listen to his music." G Baby/ Get Low / QBB - G Baby (Get Low Records)


Dirty Hun Mixtape Hosted by Bad Boy Recording Artist E.NESS

Still Poverty Hosted by Universal Recording Artist MAINO and DRAG-ON

"Stop Frontin" Dirty Hun ft. Juss (98.7's song of the week)



Dirty Hun is from Charleston, West Virginia. What?! I guess you can expect to hear some off the wall dope lyrics. Raw, hard, funny, country, street, blah blah blah. Big sexy on the microphone. Oh yeah Hun is the man.