Dirty Important Person

Dirty Important Person


DIP draw on the true essence of rock ‘n roll, a subtle mix of sulphuric provocation, elegant decadence and pure pop energy.


And then they were three..... because it’s beautiful and cool the way that Dirty Important Person found
their true voice by changing from a duo to a trio.
Ever since they started, Cyril Leclerc and Florian Parra have made an explosive impact on the current
scene. Bought up on rock and rave, inspired by the pioneers of electroclash, they let loose their electrodisco-
punk in a great crashing of throbbing rhythm boxes, distorted guitars and freaky synthesizers : all
outrageously presented in the form of a crazy freak show - wildly glam and cross-generic. Discovered
in 2003 by David Caretta, they released three maxi EP’s (requested by public and DJ’s) on his Space
Factory label.
But it was in 2005 with the arrival of Neil Conti (ex-drummer of David Bowie/Prefab Sprout/Primal
Scream/Annie Lennox) that the band turned a vital corner....
Initially consulted for remixes, this well known and respected musician decided to produce the album
‘I’m A Genius’ (in progress at the time) and then become a bona-fide band member!
A more than wise choice....
DIP could now draw on the true essence of rock ‘n roll, a subtle mix of sulphuric provocation, elegant
decadence and pure energy. The glam tinsel of rowdy electro-punk was replaced onstage by a new
urgency and uncompromising intensity. While the concerts were climaxing explosively the studio work
concentrated heavily on the songwriting, the energy being in no way diluted by the quality of
production, giving a subtle texture to each sound and making Florian Parra’s insect voice even more
November 2007 : the forthcoming release of the fully formed ‘I’m A Genius’ should add an essential
stone to the monument of electro-rock, since in it’s proud independance it presents a perfect fusion of
the different trends of these last decades.
Dirty Important Person? Could be the pop of tomorrow, but today.......


"Stinck" & "Contact" (David Carretta's remix)
"Everybody's Gay" & "Leather with Bones"
Space Factory Label
"I'm A Genius" (Dirty Dip records)

Set List

Kill me
Take Off
Turn Around
Leather with Bones
I'm a dancer