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"Rapper's moniker, timing offend Jews in the Springs:"

A rap artist calling himself Dirty Jew performed Wednesday night - - during the start of the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur -- at a Colorado Springs nightclub. It wasn't a big draw for the Jewish community. But many Jewish people saw a listing for the concert at Union Station that ran in The Independent and were disturbed by it. Jeri Robb, a receptionist at Temple Shalom, said the synagogue had received several calls from concerned congregants who had seen the listing, and she said she was offended as well. The Dirty Jew is a Denver rapper who was born Chris Mccrory; his mother is Jewish and his father is Christian. Robb said the fact that Mccrory has Jewish heritage doesn't soften the blow. "The whole idea of someone of the Jewish faith calling themselves a name like that -- I can't understand that." Rabbi Anat Moskowitz of the Temple Shalom was not available for comment. Bruce DeBoskey, regional director of the Antition League, agreed wholeheartedly. "The perpetuation of stereotypes is offensive regardless of the identity of the person who's doing it," he said. "Stereotypes are one of the foundations of bigotry." Mccrory, who has performed in Colorado Springs many times before with less publicity, said he isn't surprised by the backlash from the Jewish community. He says his stage name isn't meant to offend Jews, and his lyrics are free of anti-Semitic remarks. "It's a really sarcastic name," he said, noting the use of the "N- word" by blacks isn't meant as an attack. "One of the reasons that they (blacks) do that is to take power away from that word." Mccrory, 26, says the name has roots in his hard childhood. When he began to cause trouble as a youngster, his mother sent him to live with his grandfather in a small town. Word got around that he had Jewish heritage, and soon the local kids began calling him "dirty Jew" as an insult. Mccrory said he adopted the name to show that he could rise above the verbal attacks, and as a descriptor for his style, which he dubs "unorthodox." Mccrory's promotion company, the Colorado Springs based Against the Grain, stands behind the title. Promotions organizer Skip Ripkin said, "At first I thought it was kind of odd, but I kind of got used to it.... It's not meant to offend anybody." Roger Garth, who heads the promotions company, added, "We also thought the name would be an attention grabber -- we're cool with the name." - Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph


2003: IFC: Blunts, Broads, and Automobiles, "Dirty Judy", "Speedbumps" and "Oh No"

2005: Pretty Ugly ep, Video: "Brainjuice", "Down The Drain", Single: "Voodoo" airplay on 96.1 The Beat (Colorado Springs, CO) which also on the 96.1 The Beat Mixtape Vol. 1 (Independent Records)

2006: Dj Skip Ripkin and Dirty Jew of IFC: Pirate Radio Mixtape



Picture if you will the future of music. The coming of hip hop culture explored by an artist who was born to do it. A messiah, of some sort, destined to recharge and accelerate the pulse of hip hop. Inspired by the essence of the craft, Jew is that artist. Coming out of Denver, his is not a typical rappers tale. Representing the mile high city and blue collar people everywhere, he remembers the mid 90’s, back when it didn’t have much to offer. Like many lower class kids he noticed the stark contrast between his life , and those of his upper class counterparts. With limited outlets in Colorado, battling and studio time became the common alternatives. Jew uses the bleak landscape of his early years as inspiration for his music and motivation for his career. The son of a mother who loved classic soul, like Al Green and Diana Ross, and a father who was a classic rock fan, Jew was exposed to groups such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Led Zepplin. Jew has been exposed to the best a child could ask for, and by 6th grade he was in his first rap group. He stood out like a soar thumb, beign white , not to mention talented. By high school Jew’s formatting of music had gotten better, and the result was a local rhymer who was getting recognized by other local artists. It was only a matter of time before Jew and his crew B.A.T.T.L.E.C.A.T.S were going around town battling other emcees, and with influences such as Outkast, Wu Tang Clan, and Dr. Dre, Jew is a true writer and producer. Hes a story teller whos word play and realistic descriptions put the listener in a zone. With the support of 96.1 The Beat his song “voodoo” a club banger, Jew continues to bypass the norm as releases his music independently and build his very own brand, something he has done since the release of the “Pretty Ugly ep” album. You can catch the talented visionary making appearances at your local music venues. The future is here, right now , and should not be overlooked!