Dirty Karma

Dirty Karma

 Mexico City, The Federal District, MEX

Dirty Karma is a hard working solid band, that has the objective of becoming the best rock band in Mexico, and to show our people that mexican rock can be recognized worldwide and that Latin bands can sing in English and make an impact on the anglo markets. 4 brothers making music from our heart.


Dirty Karma gets together in early 2006 to form a band where they could express all of their ideas and to focus on songwriting on a full scale

In 2008 they release their first 5 songs homonymus EP, produced by grammy winner Camilo Froideval.
The songs were very well received by the critics and Mexican press, as well as by a solid fanbase who little by little growed.
After this, they continued playing, rehearsing without stopping, working each one in its instrument to perfect their work. The EP got great reviews from important magazines and as time went by more curious fans attended their shows. Constructing a good reputation as a live act, Dirty Karma was invited to de 2009 edition of the “Vive Latino” festival, in which they conquered a very demanding audience.

On 2009 they decided to make their first LP. Again they worked with the same producers at the same studio to record “Four Elephants”. This time the adventure continued at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas, property of Tony Rancich, who was captivated by their music and decided to write and record a song called “Water Tower”.

They launched “Tiempo” as a pre-single, which was chosen one of the best songs of 2009 by Reactor 105 (the most important radio station of alternative rock in México City). The video for this song placed them in MTV´s for a long time.

Shortly after that they decided to invite Cariño Maldito, to make the artwork for the LP and then to become their management.

They toured in 2010 and half of 2011 “Four Elephants” their first LP, which included the singles “Tiempo” and “Amatlán. The LP has had a great reception from fans and music journalists. They had the opportunity to be the opening act for Brandon Flowers, be part of the Corona Capital Festival sharing stage with Interpol and Echo and the Bunnymen, showcase at the great SXSW festival, and tour through out Mexico. It was once again produced by Camilo Froideval.

The songs in “Four Elephants” denote a clear maturity in their style and although there has always been magic in them, their live presentations captivate more spectators every time. More and more bands and promoters showed their interest to include them in their projects and to share stages with them.

Now in late 2011 they have been working in what will become their second LP and a lot more of Dirty Karma is yet to come….


-Monkey Dance! (single) http://youtu.be/PDHRjTTyH98
-Friends (single) http://youtu.be/jMvZmk3w2Xg

-Tiempo (single) http://youtu.be/htg1ofowBuc
-Entresueño (single) http://youtu.be/I8Ajb_TTOlM
-Amatlán (single)

Set List

We only play original songs, we are all composers of our music and lyrics, and on some occasions a cover song or two.

Example of our live set: http://youtu.be/rrprG9LkvwA

Some of our songs we play live:

The Valley
Four Elephants
Golden Light
Forever Loving You
Golden Train
Headly Grange
The Breakdown
Faith On My Trail
Monkey Dance