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"ELECTRIC DIRT Review-All Access Magazine"

In a world where music has grown to be dull and
repeated few bands stand out from the mix. The Dirty
Kings step aside,walk against that boring old rerun
grain, and gives you just what you need. This L.A.
based power rock trio is the text book defintion of
what Rock and Roll is all about, attitude, passion and
power. They prove that with their debut release,
'Electric Dirt'. This is an amazing album by an
amazing band. There's not a bad song on here! That's
rare in today's music. Excellent musicians, great
lyrics, you name it they got it. The Dirty Kings are
fueled by, B.B.COX--Vocals/Bass , CB CHARLIE --Drums ,
MOFO DANIELS --Guitars. The musicians are all
competent and all three put their hearts into every
song. As is evident once you hit play and "Blanket Of
Snow" shoots out your speakers and immediately shakes
your foundation. Then you have tracks like, "Just For
Shits", "See The Green" and my personal favorite,
"Swampussy", that are guareented to get your rocks
off. Dirty Kings don't follow commercial trends, don't
follow the latest rock fashions or looks, and don't
write simple, uninspiring rock music. Dirty Kings stay
true to their classic rock influences on 'Electric
Dirt' and never let them sound dated or boring. The
new classic rock is here! One of rocks best kept
secrets... is a secret no more! let's get the word
out!!! Dirty Kings rock like nobody's business!
- Tony Sison - October 2005

"ELECTRIC DIRT Review-Running With Scissors Magazine"

If you close your eyes and dream of cruising down a highway in an old school convertible, wind whipping your hair around, the image just isn’t complete without gritty, sexy, fast music blasting from the speakers. The band to make that image complete is the Dirty Kings.

Mix one part bluesy southern funk, one part garage band, shake it up with a little bit of glam and punk, and you are left with the Dirty Kings, the epitome of what a true power rock band should be. On Electric Dirt, you are assaulted with drum beats that with rev you up, edgy lyrics, and guitar riffs that will jar the bones in your body.
From the very second you press play and “Blanket of Snow” kicks up with it’s pounding beat, you realize that this band is super tight. Delivering fist pumping, energetic, and powerful sounds song after song, you will find your leg shaking in time with “Dirty Brown,” and nodding your head while listening to the sexy guitar licks of “So Happy.”
The Dirty Kings are by far the kings of LA power rock. Crank Electric Dirt on your next road trip. –

- RWS - Sherri Gibbons

"ELECTRIC DIRT Reveiw-Music Connection Magazine"

L.A.-based trio Dirty Kings are a straightahead, shot-n-a-beer rock band whose material and attack will have you recalling stellar influences from rock’s hall of fame. Fans of classic Stones, ZZ Top, and GNR will jump on these tunes (featuring “Blanket of Snow,” Dirty Brown,” “Just For Shots”) like a wolfpack on a meat patty. Lead singer B.B. Cox has a good vocal tone for this material. Overall, these recordings suggest that the Kings might rule in a live setting. - Music Connection Magazine - October 2005

"ELECTRIC DIRT Review-Skratch Magazine"

Dirty Kings fit perfectly in the bar-rock scene. The Los Angeles-based trio is somewhere between Fu Manchu and a much less radio-friendly version of The Foo Fighters, rocking without any artsy pretension. Dirty Kings aim to rock, and that's what's accomplished. It's dirty, gritty, sorta bluesy, and somewhat sexy! Though I'm conscious of the fact that saying how much a band rocks is way overdone, it's the most appropriate way to describe these guys. -David Barker

- David Barker - January 2006

"WHO's ALONG Review-All Access Magazine"

“The riffage on the band's latest release, 'Who's Along For The Ride?' is pure rock fury
that recalls MC5 and ZZ Top while the power chords are straight in your face Humble Pie!
Dirty Kings are 110% ATTITUDE, ENERGY and RAW TALENT."

The Atomic Chaser, All Access Magazine 2007


CD - WHO's ALONG FOR THE RIDE? (2007 Barnburner)
DVD-"drinkin'" ANY MEANS rome snowboard design syndicate (kids on shred 2007)
CD - ELECTRIC DIRT (2006 Barnburner)
DVD - "Blanket of Snow" (Music Guild 2006)
CD - 2nd AnnualHoliday Of Debaucher EP (2004 DK)
CD - Summer Sampler EP (2003 DK)
CD- 2 + 5 "scratch" EP (2003 DK)
DVD- LIVE @ EL REY THEATRE (2003 Labour Party Films)



From the starting gate, Dirty Kings began writing, recording & performing their brand of"gritty-garage-rock!"
They deliver fast-paced, heart-pounding licks with MUCH conviction!

Having collectively toured NYC to
New Orleans, Chicago to San Francisco...,
these three kings were BORN ready!

Based in Los Angeles, DK's have consistently
booked quality venues such as the TROUBADOUR, VIPER ROOM, SPACELAND, THE ROXY THEATRE & THE KEYCLUB to name a few.

Vocalist/Bassist B.B. COX, Guitarist MOFO DANIELS,
and Drummer JOHNNY SMITH serve up a heaping helping of licks that cannot be denied...or ignored.

Some have said that the DIRTY KINGS sound brings to life the essence & grace of THE ROLLING STONES, ZZTOP and MC5 with current flavors of WOLFMOTHER, THE HIVES, BLACK KEYS and THE WHITE STRIPES.

DIRTY KINGS are currently touring in support of their new album WHO's ALONG FOR THE RIDE? ....the critically acclaimed follow up to 2006's ELECTRIC DIRT...got it?

G O O D !