Dirty Knees

Dirty Knees

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Born in a basement where we honed our skills by picking up our instruments for the first time, Dirty Knees celebrated its inaugural practice by promptly driving straight to the tattoo shop afterward to get matching band tattoos.We sing rock songs about mythical creatures and the evils of acronyms.


"The morning’s featured local artist, all-girl punk-rock trio Dirty Knees proceed to pummel ... with roughly 50 minutes of Ramones-esque rock infused with just a hint of the y-chromosome. As if to assert their rock ’n’ roll credentials, each Knee has a Bloody Mary close at hand."
- Metro Pulse, April 2010, Knoxville, TN

The self-titled debut, "Dirty Knees", is now widely available on Whisk-Hutzel Records and Dirty Knees can also be heard on "Music to Steal to," a Knoxville compilation album released on Whisk-Hutzel Records and available in only the most awesome record stores and under the most awesome couches. We encourage everyone to get matching Dirty Knees tattoos. Behold! ..