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"Dirty Laundry CD Launch @ Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne (03/07/08)"

On a wet and windy winter’s Thursday night, a cool, trendy and extremely fashionable crowd braved the cold to hit Revolver for a CD launch. Not surprisingly, no dirty laundry here as these smartly attired youth squeezed into the front room, not seeming to mind being caged in, standing on couches and anything else to get a better look. Knocking down free Jagermeister shots like it was good for their health, these young peeps of the South side of the river were up and ready for who they’d come to see – Dirty Laundry.
Melbourne club fiends Dirty Laundry have been slowly building their name across the nation for the past few years, playing various venues and festivals. Finally though, they have launched their long-awaited debut single and album. Disco Infected is the name of the single and having already been successfully picked up beyond the club scene with some much deserved exposure and airplay, Dirty Laundry have already made their mark in the industry.
Before Dirty Laundry hit the stage, CC Martini provided her sassy, sexy yet in your face sound to the crowd. Her sound, a mix of pop, hip hop and rock, wasn’t really appreciated by this trendy lot though, but she battled on, giving it obviously all she got, as I suspect she does at all her performances. A tough chick with a lot to share, I gather that CC Martini would be better suited to a different crowd unfortunately. But this rapper/singer/songwriter sure had some power and some followers down the front who gave her support while the place started to become packed by the end of her performance.
If you don’t know Dirty Laundry’s sound, it’s a mash-up of house, electro and disco and true to what I’d read, their live show showcased their mash-up approach to performance. Starting off with next single to be released Hate Me, the heaving crowd roared and didn’t seem to mind that the front room had turned into one of the tightest spaces I’ve ever seen it to be. From here on, Dirty Laundry treated us to a combination of original tracks, including Talking Man, The Doctor and Shake off the debut album, along side some mean as mash-ups! The ones that took my eye were one that featured Crookers’ The Salmon Dance, The Presets’ My People, Justice feat. Uffie’s The Party and Herve’s Cheap Thrills plus Dirty Laundry throwing over the top lyrics, sax and percussion!
Another wicked one was Armand Van Helden’s I Want Your Soul (Crookers remix) mashed with Missy Elliot’s Lick Shots, and also Robin S vs Angello & Laidback Luke’s Show Me Love vs Be (Hardwell remix) with the Laundry doing their thing. The mash-ups were mad and the crowd just loved it! The room was just one big sweaty mess and as Dirty Laundry finished up on their single Disco Infected, you could tell that all that were there, despite it being a weeknight, were pleased that they came.
Revolver is the kind of venue that it doesn’t matter which day (or night) of the week it is, it always seems to pull an interesting trendy crowd from the surrounding Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra and the like. Live act Dirty Laundry certainly caused a stir this night, where they put on a stellar performance for this CD launch and showed Melbourne that this CD is absolutely not the last we’re going to see of them… They are definitely in for the long haul. - inthemix.com.au

"Dirty Laundry @ The Bedroom, Surfers Paradise (02/03/08)"

What is Dirty Laundry’s secret? With incredible live performances behind them and a mass of successful albums and remixes under their belt, I had to wonder what the special riddle to their success was all about. I set about finding out what is so infectious about Dirty Laundry on their Sunday night return to The Bedroom in Surfers Paradise.
Watching the act get revved up prior to their show, it dawned on me they are just like any other person who lives for the music. The only difference is that Dirty Laundry’s perspective takes in both sides of the dance floor. They want to be in the crowd as much as they want to lead them. I watched Lee Lee hit the boosters backstage, dancing up a frenzy minutes before the
whole band took to the stage. Undoubtedly, she is one funky lady with the moves and the voice to prove it.
Lee Lee is in possession of one sultry, yet mighty powerful voice and the when you add the funky beats and percussion to the mix with the boys on the decks, the voodoo starts. Punters look like they are going to explode half way through the set as they are over hyped from stomping the dance floor. Part of Dirty Laundry’s magic is the way they can fuse four songs into the time it takes an average radio edit track to play – but with that extra three dimensional and personable edge that radio can never quite muster.
Some of the stand out cover fusion by Dirty Laundry on Sunday night included Funk Phenomena 2k by Armand Van Helden, Renegade Master by Wildchild & Fatboy Slim as well as Pump up the Jam by Technotronic. And they Laundry never fail in setting the crowd on edge; the artists never stopping in giving out the love – and then getting it right back like an everflowing conduit. The secret lies in their never ending power and energy. Like a massive perpetual motion machine, Dirty Laundry are skilled in feeding off the crowd whilst knowing how to give it back; keeping the flow a continuous force and always influencing the rise and falls in their connection with the crowd.
Certainly a difficult task for any artist to achieve, Dirty Laundry are the masters of flow. And this evening at Bedroom, such power was there for all to see. - inthemix.com.au

"Sounds on Sunday feat. Dirty Laundry @ Greenwood Hotel, Sydney (22/01/06)"

There is a lot of hype going on around Dirty Laundry, it seems everywhere I go people are talking about how great their sets are. It was a boat I appeared to of missed, but, last Sunday the Dirty Laundry cruise liner was back in port at Sounds on Sunday, and this time I had my ticket. I deliberately limited my “dirty research” so to be fresh for this event, coming in with no expectations, no idea what they would play, no idea if they even had live instruments or not, leaving me with an open mind and ready to be surprised, both positively and negatively. I’m happy to say I was surprised positively this time.
Two MCs and one DJ provided a sound track for a hot Sydney summer afternoon. The crowd was up for it, and feet seemed to be more off the ground then on it. Chinstrokers would have had heart attacks. Dirty Laundry were pumping out the mash-ups, songs we all love with acapellas and live rhymes, from hip-hop songs, spliced over house tunes we all love. Seven Nation Army, with “Whomp There It Is” was one of the crowds’ favourites. Now and then some sweet vocals were laid down by Miss P complementing the rhymes of Seany B perfectly.
All in all an awesome afternoon, I think the Greenwood venue was perfect, I don’t think the experience would be half as good if it was in a dark stuffy random night club, rather then out in the sunshine with a festival atmosphere. Props to the Sounds on Sunday crew for bringing these guys up regularly, and I’ll be there front and centre next month for the next Dirty Laundry at Sounds on Sunday experience. - inthemix.com.au

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Disco Infected (No. 10 on ARIA Club Chart)
Hate Me (No. 8 on ARIA Club Chart)



Dirty Laundry has been at the forefront of the Australian club-scene since its inception in 2004. The brainchild of Melbourne DJs, JJ Styles and Dean Cherny, Dirty Laundry is a tasty mash-up of Indie Rock, Pop, Dance and Electronica.

The seven piece band includes Dean Cherny (DJ/Bass/Production), JJ Styles (DJ/Keyboard/Production), Lee Lee (Vocals), Pete Hypes (Vocals), Mathew Charles (MC), Stevie Richards (Sax) and Cisco “the Latin Lover” (Percussion).

Inspired by the likes of Basement Jaxx, Faithless, Groove Armada and Massive Attack - artists that brought entertainment and musicianship back to dance music - Dirty Laundry gives audiences something that has been missing since the days of disco.

Internationally acclaimed for their unique and mischievous live show, nothing can really prepare you for the Dirty Laundry experience – it’s a non-stop action-packed hybrid of video animation, dance and musical performance.

The Intergalactic Video Show adds a new dimension to Dirty Laundry’s already dynamic show. It’s a ground-breaking series of animated clips, each purposely produced and synced with the music. Produced for arena style events and adapted for club gigs, the video show has set a new benchmark for live performance in the Australian club scene.

Now in the final stages of production, Dirty Laundry’s eagerly awaited first studio album is due for release in late 2009. The boys have teamed up with some of Australia’s most talented producers, including Noam Dishon (Bliss N Eso, Kram), Timothy Dudfield (Mr Timothy) and Andy J (Sgt Slick) to craft a mix of funk infused, disco spiked electro pop.

Now in the final stages of production, Dirty Laundry’s eagerly awaited first studio album is due for release in late 2009. Disco Infected, their debut single, peaked at No.10 on the ARIA Club Chart in August 2008.

Last November Dirty Laundry released their second single, Hate Me, along with a world-class music video that showcased the bands sublime performance skills. Hate Me peaked at No. 8 and spent 5 weeks in the ARIA Club Chart Top 10.