Dirty Leg

Dirty Leg


Fuzz tone rock, southern fried and served with a side of Hunter S. Thompson


Dirty Leg is a dirty Houston trio. Singer/songwriter James Ryan delivers an edgy guitar attack that resonates between sonic and spare, while slammin’ bassist JT and Texas music journeyman drummer Rand E. lay down a pulsing, driving foundation. Add to this James Ryan’s sometimes sneering, sometimes baleful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, and you have a Houston rock band with some serious punch.
Frequenting seedy establishments and tawdry dives throughout the Southwest, Dirty Leg brings a live show befitting these professional cats: tight in all the right places and still plenty of junk in the trunk. Their recent self-titled EP is now available. Look for the Legs to open at your watering hole.

Dirty Leg also composed the theme song, Masquerade, for a play being produced in Houston called Ms. Fortune Cookie.

So far Dirty Leg has performed @ these establishments:
HOUSTON - Rudyard's, The Proletariat, Super Happy Fun Land, Scout Bar, Engine Room, Jet Lounge, Jake's, Last Concert Cafe, Fitzgerald's
DALLAS - Cluba Dada, Bar of Soap
AUSTIN - Headhunter's
SAN ANTONIO - Limelight, SWC
BEAUMONT - The Vortex
LAFAYETTE - Artmosphere
LITTLE ROCK - Midtown Billiards
ATLANTA- Smith's Olde Bar


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Written By: James Ryan

Close your eyes and we'll be there
Driving all night my hands on the wheel
Do you have another cigarette?
Some cannabis?
Oh yeah!
Blow this town
With our feet on the ground to somewhere new we've never been too
Say no more I know what's in your head
Linoleum floors with matching prints
Let's drop everything and go for a ride just leave your mess behind
Blow this town
With our feet on the ground to somewhere new we never been too

Back to You

Written By: James Ryan

Pictures of you
Dressed in blue
In an album in my room
As the river flows it carries me home
Back to you
Under revolving skies is where I made up my mind.
I'd give it all to you I would give it all to you
Sometimes things get out of place
I want you to know I still remember your face
As the river flows it brings me back home to you
Back to you
Pictures of you
In your pink converse shoes
I remember the way you said balloon

Global Radio

Written By: James Ryan

Time can go so slow
For a minute or so
Then its back on the clock to pay for what you have got
Welcome to the show
Broadband on the radio
Global Radio
There ain't much he's got
And all he wants from this damn life
is another shot
Then he's on his way home.
Welcome to the show
Broadband on the radio
Global Radio


Dirty Leg ep 2006
Shine the Light -Summer 2008

Set List

Matching Prints
Global Radio
Return of the Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons Cover)
You Got It all Wrong
We Know Better
Can't Hardly Wait (The Replacements Cover)
Glorious Thing
Happy (Rolling Stones Cover)
Back to You
Houston (Dean Martin Cover)
Holiday in the Sun