Dirty Little Mouth

Dirty Little Mouth


Music you could dance to if it wasn't kicking your ass so hard.


Dirty Little Mouth is an exciting and genre-bending group based in Dallas, TX. With a penchant towards the audacious and epic, the band has created a unique sound. DLM's influences are rooted deep in groove-oriented rock and funk. That foundation combined with pop sensibilities, virtuoso musicianship, and elements of electronica and hip-hop have set Dirty Little Mouth along an original musical path.

On their 2009 EP, �A Mouthful� the band delivers six bombastic songs ranging from futuristic funk (Electric Life) to anti-fascism rockers (Wake Up) to sing-a-long pop rock (Sexy Just Like Me).


2009 EP, "A Mouthful" featuring the singles, "Electric Life" and "Undress Me"

Will release 2nd EP in Spring of 2010.

Set List

Usually play 45 - 60min sets, but can do 90min.

Current Original Songs: Welcome, FOTDF, Believe, Burn, Electric Life, Sexy Just Like Me, Gotcha!, Undress Me, Time To Panic, Wake Up, Red Sash.

Covers: 'You're Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher', 'Rebel Yell', 'Royal Orleans', 'Big Time' 'America, F*ck Yeah!', 'Funk #49', 'Hey Joe', 'The Wind Cries Mary,' and various TV and movie themes.

The set list also includes a few unnamed instrumental jams.