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"My Denton Music Spotlight: Dirty Little Mouth"

After two years of creating, mixing, refining, and polishing their sound in the studio, Dirty Little Mouth has exploded out of the gate in 2009. Playing their first live show in February, it was easy to see that this is not your typical first year band. Because of the enormous amount of time spent perfecting their music, Dirty Little Mouth has been able to shake any negative stereotypes regarding their relative inexperience in front of an audience. Plain and simply said, their live show has the feel of a band who has been doing this for years.

I think there is a lot to be said about a band who takes the road in the opposite direction as most, and is still able to pull it off. Most groups start off by playing live, in front of an audience, then eventually make it into the studio to start the buffing process. This is the norm. For bands like Dirty Little Mouth, who make the transition from studio to stage, there is always a hurdle that proves insurmountable for most. The music simply does not translate. It is one thing to be good in the studio, but a live show is a whole other monster, which DLM has been able to slip by with ease. Check out the video below, then go listen to some of their tracks on MySpace. It is incredible how this band has been able to make such a seamless transition to live performances, a craft they are quickly mastering.

With a hard rock feel mixed with a barrage of pop influenced dance beats, Dirty Little Mouth is one hell of an entertaining band to see live. They have been playing primarily in Dallas this year, including a show at the newly reopened Trees with Dallas all stars Miser. In fact this is only their second trip up to Denton, the first being a packed show at Hailey's a few months back. Everywhere they have been, they have been very well received and this show should be no different. They bring it 100% every time on stage. I think the perfect way to sum up the overall feel of the group is by a quote found on their MySpace page: "Music you could dance to if it wasn't kicking your ass so hard." Listen for "Undress Me," my favorite in the DLM set list. - mydentonmusic.com and Pegasus News

"New Music Critiques"

"This group of adept, agile musicians defies categorization and are consistently danceable"

"Multiracial, multi-vocalist band of guys and girls weave a number of styles to generate a vibrancy that would appeal to early teens"

- Music Connection

"EP Review - Lit Monthly"

From the opener, "Welcome," this CD brings the listener in by force, delivering one suprise after another, all wrapped in uplifting funky-pop. The bass lines and rhythm sound like Cameo, the guitar could be reincarnated Brothers Johnson's 'Strawberry Letter 23' (or Black Crowes) and vocals conjure George Michael. All of this leads to the ambitious and fully successful closer 'Undress Me,' . . . Recorded brilliantly at Maximedia Studios this 22-minute offering is a perfect summer top-down jammer." - Lit Monthly

"CD Review: Dirty Little Mouth’s A Mouthful"

By Brenna Rushing

" . . . The second track, “Sexy Just Like Me”, combines an intensifying intro with wake up and dance notes that really announce their presence. It’s a very unique and energizing type of rock. The lyrics deserve a nod; they aren’t typical or redundant.

Their funky guitar rhythm really blends well with their beats and vocals. Sometimes the instruments take an 80’s hair-band path, with the dramatic strumming of the strings.

“Believe” is a refreshing surprise because it slows down the mood and proves they have more than just loud, happy tracks. It’s almost preferred over their other sound. The background vocals (provided by Whitney and Jolene) really give a backbone to this track. Again, good lyrics. This is another way Dirty Little Mouth shows they have more than what’s apparent.

The album is produced nicely, very clear and crisp. From what I can tell, they aren’t exactly a staple in Dallas. But they are on their way." - Pegasus News


2009 EP, "A Mouthful" featuring the singles, "Electric Life" and "Undress Me"

Will release 2nd EP in Spring of 2010.



Dirty Little Mouth is an exciting and genre-bending group based in Dallas, TX. With a penchant towards the audacious and epic, the band has created a unique sound. DLM's influences are rooted deep in groove-oriented rock and funk. That foundation combined with pop sensibilities, virtuoso musicianship, and elements of electronica and hip-hop have set Dirty Little Mouth along an original musical path.

On their 2009 EP, �A Mouthful� the band delivers six bombastic songs ranging from futuristic funk (Electric Life) to anti-fascism rockers (Wake Up) to sing-a-long pop rock (Sexy Just Like Me).