Dirty Little Rabbits

Dirty Little Rabbits


Dirty Little Rabbits is full on psychedelic rock with a pop princess at the helm and Slipknot's Shawn Crahan on the beat. The band creates a rich, intense and beautiful music that's passionate and artistic. The Rabbits clearly think outside of the box while still having mainstream sensibility.



We are the Dirty Little Rabbits.

It all started when Rabbit 1 met Rabbit 2 at Sid’s. Sid’s a mutual friend, and he’s got this fantastic studio. It all started at Sid’s. The jam was epic. Rabbit 2 found himself at the bench of a Hammond B-3 organ for the first time ever. The music ended at 4 a.m., and the phone call that started it all happened just four hours later.

Next came Rabbit 4. Rabbits 1, 2 and 4 met in a town called Otho and recorded two songs that later became known as “Misfits” and “Poor Poor Woman.” These were the first two songs in the Rabbits' repertoire. Soon after the Otho Sessions, Rabbit 2 introduced Rabbit 5 to Rabbit 1. The band was set: Rabbit 1 on drums, Rabbit 2 on keys, Rabbit 4 on guitar, and Rabbit 5 on bass. We were thinking it was a pretty great band, but...

Shouldn’t we have somebody sing? Rabbits 1 and 2 searched the Midwest for a singer. No luck. Then all the Rabbits search the entire country. We needed not only a singing Rabbit, but the best damn singing Rabbit in the country.

Strangely, it just so happened that Rabbit 1 had known the singer all along. So it was that the most beautiful rabbit of all, Rabbit 3, entered the clan of the Dirty Little Rabbits. In a bathroom of a hotel in L.A.—where all Dirty Little Rabbits do their best work—Rabbit 3 did her stuff on “if,” which we think will go down in history as one of the most beautiful songs ever.

The band was now complete. Rabbits 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5 started playing, and playing, and playing…and playing and playing. We practiced in Rabbit 1’s basement, day in and day out, occasionally surfacing for a show in Madison, WI, or Des Moines, IA, or Omaha, NE…or wherever they let Rabbits plug in.

Songs were pouring out of us, one after the another: “Misfits”, “Poor Poor Woman”, “Dark”, “Hero Poet”, “Simon”, “Rabbit Holes”, “if”, and others! Then we wrote “Hello”: “hello, it’s so nice to see your face again. Hello, it’s so nice to see you. All good people find one another. Hello, it’s so nice.”

We captured three of our new songs in the studio and released them on our EP, Breeding. “Hello”, “I’m So Beautiful” and “Hero Poet” marked the official beginning of what will be a long and wonderful saga.

Then we opened a 27-date tour for our friends Stone Sour, taking us from Fargo, North Dakota up to New England, then down the east coast to the southern reaches of Florida. We laughed, cried, got sick, got well, wrote songs, changed songs, grew up as a band and met many new friends.

When we returned from Florida we went right back in to write great songs like “Professional Hit,” “You Say,” “Leave Me Alone,” “I Love You,” “Happy,” “Same Mistakes,” “The Gas Lighter” and “Put it in the Rock”. We are recording our full-length album very soon, and in the meantime, we will be playing on as many stages as we can find.

We will never stop...

-- Dirty Little Rabbits.


Breeding - 2007
Simon - 2009 - The End Records

Set List

Poor Poor Woman
Hero Poet Happy
Same Mistakes
I'm so Beautiful
You Say